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Certificate: U/A

Director: Pia Sukanya

Starring: Radhika Apte, Siddhanth Kapoor, Adil Hussain, Ravi Kishan, Akshay Oberoi

Written by: Michael E. Ward, Pia Sukanya

BOMBAIRIYA follows the story of Meghna, who gets embroiled in a series of events after her phone gets stolen. Minutes later, the rickshaw Meghna (Radhika Apte) is riding in has an accident with a scooter. An innocent bystander intervenes and gets thwacked on the head with a pink helmet. The scooter driver bolts from the scene of the crime, grabbing Meghna’s mobile in order to obliterate the video evidence she filmed of his actions. A stolen phone sets off a chain of events that involves Bollywood stars, corrupt politicians and cops. A guy who likes helping people, Pintu (Akshay Oberoi) decides to drive help Meghna by driving her around and lending her his cellphone in order for her to catch the thief. In pursuit of that, she somehow manages to get embroiled in a terror plot involving a bomb. The scooter driver (Siddhanth Kapoor) turns out to be a victim too. He’s a man who is at the wrong place at the wrong time. As he tries to complete his task, he discovers a murder and finds that a shady man (Amit Sial) is trying to kill him. Adil Hussain plays a politician who is masterminding crime from a VIP jail. Ravi Kishan plays a short role which involves a boat. How it all comes together and what transpires and how does it end for everyone is the rest of the story.

While the makers have tried to make this a comedy of errors, it is in a way smartly written but isn’t sharp enough. The main plot of the film is good and the film does manage to entertain you.

Technically, the film is good. Cinematography by Karthik Ganesh is decent. Editing by Antara Lahiri could have been sharper. The script could have been a little stronger in a few places. The film had no scope for music. The production design was decent as well.

Performances from the cast were good all around. Radhika Apte is great as you would expect. Akshay is equally good and does justice to his character. Siddhant manages to do a nice job as well. Adil is good too. Ravi Kishan does great in his small role. The rest of the cast offer abled support.

Director Pia Sukanya manages to produce a decent comic caper and makes a film capable of entertaining the audiences.


At the box-office

The film is going to be a wash out! ReviewsBollywood Trade Magazine



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