Last year in the first week of September we began something we liked to call Box-Office Forecast wherein we with a series of met criteria come on an opening day number of a movie. We begin our research from the point the trailer of the movie is released and a few important decisive factor later we come up with our original day one prediction. There is a random company who has been fleecing monies from the industry on the false pretext that they are the end and know it all of the business. But as the below mentioned 19 movies will state we have been more correct than then time and time again.

Let us also remind the readers that this other agency comes up with a different number when the trailer is releases and subsequently they keep bringing the number further down right up until the release week of the same movie. Everyone knows that post the trailer launch of a movie the publicity and promotions of a movie starts to peak but still this agency feels the need to bring down the number of a movie which is simply unheard off.

We are not saying that we are always right and are going to be always right either; but we do aim to be as close to the actual opening day number as we can thanks to our in-depth analysis and a certain method to the overall madness. Unlike the other agency who has been right just once in the last four months!!

But hey, we at Super Cinema has just started with this initiative and there is a long way to go but we are certain that given our intense and informative background we will continue to better these numbers and try to be more accurate with it all.

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