This film is a true account of a young disabled boy Nikhil (Sangram Samel) who is an avid trekker but is laid down by a rare disease called which afflicts his limbs, spinal cord and all his nerves and the doctors say that the operation is the only alternative but that it won’t last as the disease spreads rapidly in the nervous system. But Nikhil is a brave boy and becomes a computer programmer and works for a big corporate where he gets all the appreciation of his seniors and co-workers and is soon promoted and sent to London and other foreign locations where he does admirable work inspite of his handicap which he overcomes and is full of life and vigor and with the help of his kind and caring father (Arun Nalawde) he even visits Andaman and Nicobar. But in office now he has to be in the training department, an assignment which he does successfully. But he loses in love when his college sweetheart Sulabha ( Dhanashree Kadgaonkar ) who first promises all help to him and gets married but then her dreams are shattered and she leaves him distraught even after driving his father and uncle from home. But the end is near and Nikhil dies like a true brave-heart. Director Dasbabu who is basically a TV director has done a wonderful job in this film though he is a Bengali and not too fluent in Marathi. But his real asset is the writer, the veteran film critic Shrikant Bojewar who has written the script and dialogues beautifully. The acting honors go to Sangram Samel who has been internationally feted for his role of a physically challenged man. He reminds one of the Oscar winning performance of Daniel Day Lewis in MY LEFT FOOT, Arun Nalawde is simply amazing as is the veteran Sulabha Deshpande who passed away recently. Dhanashree Kadgaonkar is an able performer. Illa Bhatte is as good as her usual good performances.   Atul Parchure plays the narrator of Nikhils life in a good way as he only can. Kishore Pradhan, Dr. Vilas Ujawne, Vijay Chavan are veteran performers and leave a mark. The music by Arnab Chatterjee is good and soothing. Technically a very good film in all departments. A film not to be missed at any costs.

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