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What a moment of pride to talk to the World’s youngest marathon runner “Budhia Singh” the legend himself, the one who completed 48 marathons at the age of four and made his state Orissa proud. We had a meaningful chat with him where he shared his anecdotes about his childhood and his journey till date. Read on..

“I wish I could once again become small and run the way I use to run before”

How are you feeling now that a movie is made on you? Did you have any inputs to give during the making of the film?

I’m very happy that a movie is made on me and I haven’t given any inputs to Soumendra sir, but after watching the trailer I met Manoj Bajpayee sir and he said after watching the film hopefully the government will know how Budhia Singh was. When I was a kid and I use to run; some people use to say that by the God’s grace I can run so well, some people use to say that I have two livers that’s why I run so well but now what I wish is I could once again become small and run the way I use to run before.

It was almost 10 years ago that you’ve ran and after this film, India will remember you once again so what you want to say about it?

I’m happy about it, but right now the hostel I’m staying; they don’t provide any good training so I’m resting for now as my knee pains. But I want if anyone from outside can come and train me so I can run once again the way I use to and even more and better than before.

The film’s title says you are born to run but as you said you going through a knee pain and can’t run like you use to run so what you have to say about that?

The reason is my doctor said my knee bone is growing, as it gets normal I can run normally and also that now I don’t get proper training like before. I can run 30 to 40 kilometers for now not much. Running has never stopped for me it’s just that I don’t get much time in the hostel to practice and don’t have a good coach to train me.

Before the film, ‘Budhia Singh – Born To Run’ there was a documentary made on you called ‘Marathon Boy’. Did you see it? 

No I didn’t, the documentary was made by an England lady Gemma Atwal, she told me she’s making a documentary on me and I was very happy about it; she even encouraged me to run well and guided me. I followed what she advised but later I heard she went out and said that I don’t do anything, which I was really hurt about.

Who all helped you in becoming the marathon runner and to reach so far?

It was my coach Biranchi Das and his wife who helped me throughout my journey and apart from them it was Dr. Siddhartha Mohanty who helped me and no one else.

The reel Budhia who’s representing you in the film, what would you like to say about him? And did you give him any tips for the film?

I’m really happy that his playing my character in the film and I didn’t give him any tips as such but first time when he came to my place with Soumendra sir I had a smile on my face and I cherished my childhood memories looking at him. We resemble a lot, when we compared my childhood picture with his picture (laughs). Soumendra sir told me that even the reel Budhia wants to run and is trying to run like me.

 How was your relationship with your coach Biranchi Das?

My relationship was really good with him he was everything for me, my friend my father, my mother. He use to help me practice every day and take care of my diet and everything else. I use to practice 5 to 6 hours every day. I’m here because of Biranchi sir if he wouldn’t have entered my life I wouldn’t have been what I am today.

Did you see the film or any song or dialogue that you liked?

I liked the song and the dialogue “I shat and ran!” (laughs).

Do you have a separate coach for you in your school?

No I don’t, we have same coach for all of us. My school and hostel are different and the hostel I’m staying their training isn’t good we are 12 students and there’s only one coach so we don’t get personal attention.

After getting the title of being the world’s youngest marathon runner, how did you feel by receiving all the praise and fame and ever expected that a film would be made on you?

I never ever thought I would get such an appreciation and be famous and also that a film would be made on me (smiles) but when Soumendra sir told me his making a film on me my happiness had no end.

What are your future plans?

Every child thinks about his or her future some say they want to become an engineer some say a doctor but I want reach the Olympics, since the time I heard about Olympics from my coach I want to run for it, though I can’t practice now but at least I can watch the training sessions and learn.  I can’t concentrate more on my studies but I believe both are equally important I want to do both I don’t want that my running and studies both stop so I try to manage both and be successful in both the things.

How is your experience staying in hostel?

In my hostel everyone stays like we are staying in a jail, we have no freedom there no student is happy staying there; all students come from their villages with a dream of becoming something but they discourage us and say what will we do? We aren’t that capable of anything! They de-motivate us and don’t encourage us in anything. So I believe everyone who wants to participate in sports and run; they should help us and encourage us. Even parents should support their children and encourage them in their liking of field, everyone should get their freedom.

Any message you would like to share for the children of India, who would look upon you after watching this film?

I would like to say whatever one feels one should do it. Children shouldn’t compare themselves with other children. Everyone is unique and one should never give up their dream and get de-motivated by anyone.

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