Ever since the filmmaker Pahlaj Nihalani, who was sacked by the information and broadcasting ministry, putting an end to his infamous stint.  He was one of the most controversial censor board chairperson who ran into skirmishes with film producers over cuts, beeps, and disclaimers he insisted on.  Due to his irrational behavior, each filmmaker and actors of Bollywood industry was waiting for his exit.  The time he was sacked the industry celebrated premature Diwali.   Since then, the new CBFC chairman who is a well known writer – lyricist – filmmaker – ad guru Prasoon Joshi is in charge. Industry is hailing the government’s decision to appoint Prasoon Joshi as chairman of CBFC. The industry feels it’s the right step taken towards the freedom of film makers and now hope films will evolve and be liberal.

No one has control over time.  Then was the time when Pahlaj Nihalani misused his powers on industry. And now it’s time for the filmmakers to celebrate his exit and embrace the new chairman.  Filmmakers are well aware and responsible of what they are making and what they want to show to the audience and at the same time audiences are become mature and open minded enough to choose what they want to see.  The audiences are accepting the change and welcoming unconventional subjects which were a taboo to talk about.  Pahlaj Nihalani’s inconsistency towards cuss words or scenes which he thought was not appropriate was the major issue. The filmmakers are responsible people and make stories with honesty, passion and hard work and it wasn’t a correct thing for anyone to certify it wrong cultured or degrade it.   He was choking the industry with his low mentality.  Now there’s a fresh air in the industry and the filmmakers don’t have to deal with arrogance of a man in power.  Now it’s a new beginning with Mr. Prasoon Joshi – he being an artist himself will value the time and effort which goes into film making. He seems to be doing the right thing by structuring and advising the board to come with decisions which will do justice and not view any films with the mindset which Pahlaj Nihalani had.  There’s a sign of new regime which is in sync with the world of today and that has a fair attitude towards its certification process.

The new committee has proved it as to what has to be there in the film – ‘Babumoshai Bandookbaaz’ was a set example of the new committee doing justice and taking right steps.  The film had 48 cuts in Pahlaj Nihalani’s time which came down to 8 cuts after the existence of Prasoon Joshi.  That gave a sigh of relief for the producers and directors.  The new CBFC committee proved the industry that it should be seen through people’s perspective and that’s how it should be presented.  Prasoon Joshi is one of the creative and knowledgeable people and he has proved in his films.  Former chairman Pahlaj Nihalani, who gave the filmmakers a tough time with censoring their film had got a clear pass from the CBFC for his erotic -thriller ‘Julie 2’ with an ‘Adults’ certificate with absolutely no cuts.  This was a set example and a realisation for Mr Nihalani that he who did harm to others, others did no harm to him.  And also it clarified the difference between giving a film certification and censoring a film.

After the traumatic years the industry faced, now it’s calm and feels like a sense of freedom.  It’s definitely the betterment of the industry because it has liberal approach and it’s better for the entire system also because primarily what was happening was an outdated act. And also having people like Vidya Balan in the CBFC committee is a positive sign. Henceforth every filmmaker should be able to make a film that they want to make and have the creative freedom to express their film as it is.

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