In a brief chat with Chandan Roy Sanyal, who has been a part of many path-breaking roles – be it Sanjay Gupta’s ‘Jazbaa’ or essaying the role of a very dear friend of Manto in the film ‘Manto’. Here, he speaks to us about his debut in web series ‘HawaBadleHassu’, thoughts on the digital platform and much more. Excerpts:

What really attracted you to say yes for ‘HawaBadleHassu’?

What really attracted me is the topic of environment, everyone seems happy and everything seems going smoothly but global warming is something that is being avoided and we have to wake up to that. Also, it’s a genre I’ve not worked on that is why I made up my mind to do it.

 What is your character like?

My character is of an auto-rickshaw person, who has come from Uttar Pradesh.  He tries to change the mind of his passengers on how to look at environment. Every day he meets new people and tries to talk about the pros and cons of environment, and how the world is coming to an end; which is basically the story of the series. And at the end there is a big twist which the audience will have to look forward to.

This is your debut with the digital platform, how different and refreshing was it for you to work on this platform?

I think digital platform is amazing, after working in so many films I have realized that; it has actually opened a new horizon for me as an actor and for others too. The kind of roles which were given to me, to play and to experiment that sort of things are open to it.  There is a film I did – ‘The Sholay Girl’ which was a web film that had a very interesting story of a stunt man and his students who worked in Sholay. So, these kinds of scripts came my way; so yeah it has really opened up and I am enjoying and happy that this happened to me and I wish to more of these.

Has picking up projects always been a conscious decision for you?

Yes,it has always been a conscious decision of quality over quantity of work. When I look back at my filmography I would want to be known for the films I’ve done; though I haven’t done too many films from past 10 years since ‘Kaminey’. I consciously take films which are well made and I have something to play in it.

 What are your thoughts on digital platform emerging?

I think it’s become very powerful with the content it brings on table and now you see cinema most of the time and television is almost dying, and now everything is on internet and everyone has internet, we can download things faster.  Its expensive to go and watch cinema in the theatre with the whole family, but now people plan and watch a film online – Amazon, Netflix, you can stream it on your big screen and celebrate; this has made a change and digital platform is rapidly emerging.

Do you see the change in audiences approach when it comes to entertainment?

There was time when Iwas young we had gone to watch ‘Mr India’ and that time television had just emerged.  There use to be limited telecast in television like important news. So, the only thing people use to wait is for films to release and to watch those films in the theatre. Now the old theatres are shut, the culture is going out and now everything is in hand and ready to serve.  Now everyone is watching something or the other on their own phone, laptop, and television. There is so much content out there;and imagine the amount of content we create everyday that is satisfying and of course audiences have evolved and they are the king now.

Are you content with the work you are receiving and the work you are doing right now?

I am not really content; I am still hungry for more.  I don’t think I have done many films in last few years.  So, I am looking forward to grow, and dive and born again.  I have to do a lot of things which I haven’t done till now.

What are your future plans if not acting?

I really get inspired by what Mr Shashi Kapoor has done in spite being an actor he createdPrithvi theatre and created so many great cinemas. I really get inspired by his work, he has given so much varieties to the filmmakers, to the theatre’s, to the audiences. I would also like to create my own theatre or cinema one day with a small little library,workshops, and something like.  It could be irrespective of any cinema,it could be regional, Hindi, English, a play, music, basically collaborative art; where you come together and create beautiful art. Trade Magazine