Interview By: Hasti Doshi

Chandan is well known for his work in Hindi as well as Bengali films. He started his career in Bollywood with a small role in ‘Rang De Basanti’ later did ‘Kamine’, ‘D- Day ‘and lot more. His word don’t stop there, he has also directed short films, like 35mm and Hiroshima. Watching his work I can say that he owns the screen even if it’s for a cameo.

“May be in future I would like to act, write and direct myself”

You have experience of a decade in Hindi cinema, how has been your journey till now and where do you see yourself today?

I think journey has been with lots of ups and downs, topsyturvy like for any other actor. So I have my little roles and I am yet to sort of make my place. I have gained some respect but that extra strong stamp with my name is yet to get. I need to get more recognition and I think I am still in that process and still I have not got which I want to achieve, I need to keep working harder even more.

Tell us more about your character in ‘Mirza Juliet’.

‘Mirza Julia’ is a film set in Banaras and I am in love with this girl call Juliet. I am playing this guy Ranjan Pandey who is rich politician’s son and his only objective to do in life is to get married to Juliet. His father wants him to be a politician but he doesn’t want to and he is a virgin and he is a buffoon which she dislikes. He thinks once he gets married to Juliet he will make love to her but she runs away with Mirza and that’s when his problems start and he tries to catch her. And I think he is really funny guy and I think I am going to be hilarious in the film. I have tried some crazy comedy this time so let’s see what happens.

Did this crazy comedy role of yours need some preparations?

The director, the writer and the producer are all from Uttar Pradesh. They know the culture, the zone and the language very well. I pursued from them and mostly Shantiji who is the writer. Then I always as an actor try to imagine things put my imaginations into the character because that’s more realistic and so I do it that way. And I have tried this way to do the role.

How was it working with your co actors?

Everyone in this film I have worked with them for the first time.For a month we were in Banaras and we shot in Manali so we were together in a sort of group. So the energy and fun we had off-screen it also came on screen. Also director and the producer are nice people and they always have hospitality with them which sort of care for all of us so it’s good.

You have been part of versatile roles, how does it refine your acting?

Actually it’s quite a dangerous phase for me because I always try to challenge myself. And actually as of now whatever work I have done it’s not that I have done 50 films, but whichever I did all have been I have been challenging myself in every role for whatever time slot I am provided. This year I am breaking out into the bigger roles in a way most of the films starting from ‘Kaminey’ or ‘Jazbaa’ all were small screen and I really had to work harder for my space in films. Even this role I got after 4 years last lead role I played was in 2013. So to make my own space and seek attention of people more towards me I really have to work harder. This year also I have other films coming up where I have lengthy role where people will actually see my range as an actor.

You have also been directing short films, is that what you would like to do someday?

I am making short films which are now my new passion and I have recently made one more short film which I am editing now. I am also writing and may be in future I would like to act, write and direct myself. I get inspired by people like Adam Sandler, Raj Kapoor, and Guru Dutt all these guys act and direct their own films which sort of really inspires me. Even in the recent times AmolPalekarhas been doing some really good cinema. So even I would like to do that.

What are your upcoming projects?

My next after this would be film called ‘GeetPatange’ which is produced by Adhikari brothers hopefully come along June. Then I have other release in July later I have a film with Imtiaz Ali which is a nice cameo role which people can enjoy for long time. I would also like to do some of the romantic films as that is also one of the sides of me which I think people have not seen and if they do they will like it.

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