Inox Leisure and BookMyShow (BMS) have resolved their dispute and the former is offering its cinema tickets for sale on the ticketing platform. According to the buzz, Inox have signed a four-year deal with BMS, the terms of which remain undisclosed. Frankly, it was only a matter of time; and for the good of all, specially the cine goers who will find it even more convenient.  

The issue was that Inox had terminated its long term contract with BMS after disagreement over payments early September as Inox had sought more money from BMS for rights to sell its tickets, but BMS refused. A few weeks ago, when the dispute started we had said in this very column that Inox and BMS should sort it out and soon and I’m glad now that they have. Whoever gave in for whatever reason doesn’t matter now, it’s just good that the dispute is resolved and is now a thing of the past.

That’s not the only good news that we hear surrounding Inox. Rumours are also floating around that Inox and Cinepolis India are planning a mega alliance to take over the multiplex market. There has been nothing concrete on this as of yet but will be massive if true. If any deal is happening, there has been a tight lid shut on it but the market seems to be responding positively to this news. This can be a proper game changer and can alter the dynamics of the multiplex market.

This will not only help them increase their reach but also will force their competitors to up their game. The already aggressive takeovers done by the major players in the game may turn even more aggressive. This may also affect the cinema viewing experience for the audiences.

This deal if goes down is going to give a good fight to hold the reigns of the market which are currently being held by PVR. It’s great that Inox is now accessible on BMS, it’s great that Inox and Cinepolis are planning this alliance, but what’s best is that this is a massive massive win for the theater going audience. The greater outcome of this alliance may still be unclear but there is no denying there will be ripples caused in the market.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine