Producer- Chandrakant Yadav

Director- N Relekar

Music- Pravin Kunwar

This film is a tamashapat lavni based film which is reminiscent of the old films of Anant Mane and V Shantaram.  Rajaram (Newbie Harsh Kulkarni) wants to be a Shahir like Honaji Bala, etc but his uncle (Sharad Ponkshe)  doesn’t want him to and when he learns that his nephew is in love with a fallen family girl  Chandrika (Suvarna Kale) and is livid and drives Harsh out of his house after dividing their property and so Harsh starts his own tamasha group with his friend Sunder  (Vikas Samudre) and his beau Kale but he wants an expert dholak player so he sets out in search of him and gets a blind dholak vaadak (Subodh Bhave) and they have a successful business relationship but now Suvarna falls in love with Subodh and things sour between Harsh and Kale and there is a fall out and the group gets dis-bandied and Harsh returns home in disappointment.

The film has beautiful choreography and cinematography. The locales of Sangli and Wai are eye-catching. Subodh Bhave is impressive. Suvarna Kale dances well and is a promising talent. Vikas Samudre  brings in the laughs.  Sharad Ponkshe is impressive.

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