A seductive witch (Preeti Soni)  kills men by casting a spell on them and looks  like the female version of Freddie Kreuger from the Nightmare on Elm Street series.A bunch of friends are trapped in a haunted house with mysterious lady after their car gives them trouble and they have to seek shelter at a very lonely house though one old man warns them that there is a terrifying bewitching witch who kills men after seducing them and whoever comes in her path. Akash Rathod, Amal Sehrawat, Nidhi Nautiyal,  Sunny Charles are killed one by one by the witch after every attempt to escape from the haunted house comes as a failure to them and even an innocent man (Pankaj Berry) is also killed by her. The camera work is interesting and the angles do make you fear as to what’s going to happen next and the background music too is eerie and chilling. The performances are good from the entire cast and debutant director Surya Lakkoju has done a good job. All in all a reasonably good horror film.


At the box-office

The film will be a wash-out.

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