When the script is right you will always find takers, that is a known industry saying and this filmmaker is proving just that. There is this filmmaker who has worked endlessly to make one of his next script watertight. When he initially approached this production house they didn’t see the film in the same light and declined the chance pick it up. The filmmaker wasn’t disheartened; on the contrary he picked himself and took a couple of months off and reworked on the script once again and approached another producer for the film. This other producer liked what he read and green lit the film immediately. But the first production house got a whiff of this latest development and changed gears and approached the filmmaker once again. The filmmaker shared his plight with the production house, who then approached the other producer for a joint venture. Now we are hearing that the two have worked out a system and both are onboard to co-produce this venture. All’s well, that ends well or so is the case with this one for sure. CinemaTrade BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine