The film deals with the institution of marriage and its relevance in modern times. Abhay Kelkar (Subodh Bhave) plays a successful General Manger of an automobile firm who is against the status of marriage and has vowed that he won’t marry ever but his colleague and friend Minar ( Atul Parchure ) and his wife Urmilla (Radhika Vidyasagar) are always after him to find a good girl and marry and be happy rather than being single and lonely. Even Subodh’s parents Sharad Kelkar (Rajan Tamhane) and Meera Kelkar (Utkarsha Naik) are after him to marry but he has a chip on his shoulder because after the passing away of his father, his mother remarried and he couldn’t forget his gather and hence this complex. But as fate would have it his friend Minar l wins a contest to meet a RJ of a popular FM Radio channel Swara Haldankar ( Deepti Devi ) and he takes Abhay along with him and they initially fight but become friends and start a live in relationship even though Deepti Devi’s parents Raghuveer ( Milind Phatak ) and Kamal (Aatisha Naik) advise her against it but she prefers to be independent and enjoys her days of live in relationship but soon start arguments and quarrels and fights between Subodh and Deepti Devi and they separate but very soon get together and get married. The film talks about how the youth of today don’t believe in getting into arranged marriages and want friendships and live in relationships. Subodh Bhave is a proven performer and is impressive as is Deepti Devi who plays the RJ character very well. Vineet Sharma as Deepti Devi’s boss does very well.The rest of the cast lend good support. Revati Limaye as Subodh’s co-worker does a good job. The DOP Krishna Soren has just used the close ups, mid-shots, and over shoulder shots and sometimes it gives the feeling of a play. The director Girish Mohite who is a veteran has handled the film very well aided by a good script by the well known Sanjay Pawar. The music by Avinash-Vishwajeet is melodious and its picturizations have been done very well. The editing is slow but steady. A film for every one in the family.

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