This filmmaker has made many a movies, but sadly none of his films have actually got any substantial returns at the box-office. But surprisingly enough the filmmaker keeps getting newer opportunities to make more movies. But we reckon that bubble bust hard when his last film tanked disastrously at the ticket windows. The filmmaker now is in a very difficult spot. None of the younger actors want to touch him with a ten feet pole given is track record. And none of the established actors want to entertain him as they are very familiar with the way he works. But because the director has a clout of some weird way, especially with the media he keeps staying in the news. And he also manipulates the media into buying anything random he wants to sell to them. He recently got in the news thanks to a fake story floated by him to keep him relevant and also attached two actors he has worked in the past with to the same false tale. When we asked the actors about their involvement in this supposedly new project they just laughed it out. Says everything we wanted to know about this filmmaker’s fake ambitions to stay in the news. Sad, but then such is the life dearies. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine