Daisy Shah who made her Bollywood debut with Salman Khan in ‘Jai Ho’, was seen again in ‘Race 3’ which was not critically acclaimed but did really good at the box-office. The actress talks to us about her journey so far and much more… Read on…

To begin with the success of ‘Race 3’, how has it been for you, in terms of the response you’ve received and the film doing great at the box office?

There were a lot of critics who didn’t like the film but the film did well at the box office so I am happy for that and the appreciation for me so that made me happier.

How has your career evolved as an actor?

Well I still think that I am in the process; I wouldn’t say that I have evolved because as they say that with every film that you do, you learn something and become a better actor. So my journey relatively has just started and it’s just been 4 years. So the process of evolving I would say has just begun.

From an audience perspective to now being an actor, how much has the film industry evolved?

It’s really nice to see different kind of movies coming now; there are lot of content orientated films that we see these days. It’s not only about how the big film it is, but it’s about the criteria of the film. Small budget films with amazing content are doing really well. I think audiences are more open to the idea now and that is the reason many people are getting new opportunities, new doors are open for them. Also, if we look at the digital platform, Netfilx, Amazon Prime, that is great platform today for everybody to get the amount of work they are looking for. Now-a-days people are not only committed to films, there are lot of different entertainment platforms to work on.

Are you open to digital platform?

I am open to work on anything which has great content; I am not minimizing myself to only films. As far as the content is great, it doesn’t matter which platform it is, and as far as the reach is there, as far as its connecting with the audiences.

Talking about choosing great content, what is that you seek in a script or a role that you choose?

It’s a sense of believe and relatability. I think its half and half, if I don’t believe in something I won’t do it and at the same time whatever I do, it relates to the common person outside because that’s where we all come from.

Which film was a turning point in your career?

I would say its ‘Jai Ho’ without any doubt because that is one film which gave me the recognition as an actor and after that I have done a couple of films as an actor. So I feel that’s the biggest turning point of my life.

Which genre do you enjoy the most as an actor and as an audience?

For me balance is the key, if I am watching a dark film, I will balance it with a nice light hearted film the next week as an audience. And as actor I would like to explore every bit, it’s not that I only want to do mainstream, or commercials or go in a dark zone, I like to balance it. Commercial films are to satisfy the box office collection craving in you and then the dark side is to satisfy the actor in you. So, it’s the balance, you need to reach out to that kind of audiences also, you need to satisfy the actor in you, there’s where the festival films, the dark film come in, because that gives you a lot of scope to explore the actor in you.

Lastly, what is the most important lesson you’ve learnt from the industry from all these years?

Be yourself! (Laughs) which is actually not a right way to say but I would say it’s not only in the film industry. I would say – in general hypocrisy is something that works very well and in every part of your life. And I am just a person who likes to keep it real because I can’t fake things.

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