Directed by:  Anand Pandit, Rashmi Sharma
Produced by: Krishnadev Yagnik
Starring: Yash Soni, Ansh Bagri, Sanchay Goswami, Nimisha Mehta, Kinjal Rajpriya, Sarabjeet Bindra, Anuradha Mukherjee


‘Days of Tafree – In Class; Out of Class’ is a comedy written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik. The film is produced by Anand Pandit and Rashmi Sharma. ‘Days of Tafree’ revolves around the lives of seven friends, showcasing their journey of growing up, highs and lows of their relationships, love and compassion, end of college days and the beginning of a new life. It sees a lot of fresh faces. It takes you back to your days of friendship, fun, frolic and time-pass – back to the days of ‘TarFree’. The young and fresh cast of the film starring Yash Soni, Ansh Bagri, Sanchay Goswami, Sarabjeet Bindra, Nimisha Mehta, Kinjal Rajpriya and Anuradha Mukherjee will remind you of every fight, your first crush and the mischiefs that made your college days unforgettable. The way we lived your college days is re-felt from the trailer itself with all the drama and emotions. From the promo itself it seems to be loved by all the age group, as missing their youthful days is something that everyone does. The film might do well among the youth if promoted well. It will hit the theatres on 23rd September, 2016.

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