This film has a sensitive tale between a young boy and his father especially after they trek to Mussorie and Manali on a road trip.  The 14 year old Shivam (Himanshu Sharma)  and his father Nitin (Arvind Swamy)  are on their way to Shivam’s boarding school at Mussorie when a landslide creates a blockade and they seek shelter in a lodge. Nitin has an ulterior motive for coming on this trip so as to confess to his son that he is gay even after a successful marriage and two kids and he wants to come out of the closet but Shivam is unable to take this and rebukes his father and acts like a spoilt child especially   when he learns that his parents are getting divorced. But slowly their relationship grows and they come together and Shivam even jokes about his father’s confession in the front of his school principal. The film is a beautiful road movie combined with a coming of age movie.  The film is well directed by the debutant Tanuj Bhramar. Himanshu Sharma acts well and is a promising young talent. Arvind Swamy’s return to Hindi cinema is more than welcome and he has done a fine job. Ekavalli Khanna as the mother of Shivam and wife of Nitin is good too. Aman Uppal as the TV show reality star is excellent. The cinematography is brilliant and the DOP has captured the hilly locales of Mussorie and  Manali very well.  The music by Raghav Arjun- Ujjwal Kashyap is tuneful.The film is recommended for its touching tale and good performances.


At the box-office

The film will find no takers.

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