We get in chat with Deepak Dobriyal who is well known for his comic roles in Bollywood. He makes his debut in the Marathi film industry with ‘Baba’. He tells us about the work culture of the industry,how he grew after working in this movie and much more…

Now that the movie ‘Baba’ is out and getting good amount of response … How happy are you?

The movie is receiving amazing response in a way that I did not even think of. People usually expect that from big films but when movies like this receive this amount of great response it makes you happy at another level. You feel so good that you worked really hard for a very good film. It makes you grow as actor and also as a human being. This movie is based on a mute and deaf couple. This film was an experiment and watching it receive such great response is a really big thing.

As you mentioned above that you grow as an actor with such scripts so have there been any changes in your life after working in this movie? Did it change you as a person?

When you are playing a role of mute and deaf, you get a chance to know them better. Normally, we show sympathy to such people because we think they nee  it but they need equality and not sympathy. They are way more active than we are, they are sharper and this changed my perspective towards them. We need the sympathy and not them because they are very strong and expressive. They have many qualities that even we don’t have.

How do you feel about making your debut in the Marathi industry with such a script?

I said yes to the movie right after Raj narrated the story to me. I asked him,‘when are you planning on starting with the film? I’ll adjust all my dates of the work I’m doing in Bollywood or even say no to it.’ I did say no to some really big films of Bollywood because they were offering me roles based on my previous work. For me,it was important to do this film because I’m doing something really different, something that I have never attempted to do before. People will see me as someone who can even do serious roles and not just comedy. It was a challenge for me because I had to play mute and deaf. There should have been many movies made on them today but just 2-3 movies were made. This movie has kept the actor alive in me more than box office numbers.

Do Marathi film industry and Hindi film industry differ when it comes it work?

They differ in various ways and in Bollywood we are so used to the work because we know the whole pattern of work and it stays the same. In Marathi film industry you have to know every actor on the set. Here I felt the collective team work is very strong. There is a lot of professional approach in Bollywood but in Marathi film industry it is very collective. Second thing is they don’t want to compromise any part of their story. Third thing is Bollywood movies are commercial films and here they are full of art. The movies that involve a lot of art stay for a long time. So this is the basis difference that I found between these two well known industries.

How was it working with the co-stars?

It was amazing! They did not make me feel like an outsider, they kept me together as a family. They are really disciplined and humble. I used to think I’m really humble but they are more humble than I am. I got a family in the Marathi industry. Every co-star supported me with my role. If people from Bollywood have the same approach as them, they will make such beautiful movies.

What prompted you to do ‘Baba’?

The content caught my attention the most and it was challenging for me to play the character. The story line was so strong that you can experiment throughout. This is a really different film and people will see me differently in this as there are no dialogues and I could explore my own space.

What is that you look for before signing a movie?

I see to it that the role I am playing should be interesting and have an impact on the audience. It should be different because I don’t want to play the same roles. I need roles that challenge me as an actor. I have not signed many movies in Bollywood because of the role I was asked to play if I might have done that I might have owned 7 to 8 apartments in Mumbai. I said no to them because they were the same roles I did earlier.

Do you wish to explore the digital space?

I m open to it but will do it if the script is good. I won’t do it because everybody is doing it.

Any other projects that you have been working on?

‘Laal Kaptaan’ is my upcoming movie. I have more movies like ‘Kamyab’ and ‘Angrezi Medium’. CinemaInterviewsBollywood Trade Magazine