Interview By: Devanshee Singh

We had a quick chat with Deepanjana Pal, who writes for She recently mentored young college students for critical reviewing for films organised by MAMI.

How you got associated with this initiative of MAMI called Young Critics Lab?

I have been associated with MAMI before. I was part of the World Cinema curating team last year. This year they asked me to do this.

Please tell us about Young critics lab initiative.

It is basically called Mumbai’s young critics lab. The idea is to take group of interested college students and talk to them about criticism and film. They are interested in film reviewing which is why they did this. They will be writing for the daily bulletin and they will also be getting an award to film selected by them in the MAMI festival. So, basically readying them for all of that.

What is the idea to mentor young critics?

It is just watching and talking about films. We have seen films in the course of last three months. We discussed them, written reviews, we use to discuss different aspects of film making and critical reviewing. The students are interested in films, the idea is to keep that interest going because whether or not you take it up as career.

How this initiative will help in making people aware of criticism and film journalism?

There is so much of interest here than from many parts of the world. It’s kind of informed so much of our life, so much of our conversation, it’s something that exerts a great deal of charm & charisma over the audiences. I think we have the beginnings of vibrant culture the number of films that are out there are enormous and lot of that blog writing is actually very informed. I don’t think anything particularly worrisome about the state of things and I think the more people are interested the more questions they ask, both of themselves of the filmmakers & the cinemas the richer the culture will be.

What is your take on present scenario of professionals of this field?

I don’t know what take I can have, we all work within the circumstances we do.
A filmmakers job is to make a film & a critics job is to critic it, that’s basically how it works, in an ideal world everyone gets to do that with their degree of freedom & we all hope for that.

What do you think of films coming up these days?

That’s intelligent cinema, chronologically we have been doing interesting cinema for a long time now.

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