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We have a chat with Deepti Sati and talk to her about her upcoming movie ‘Luckee’, her learning from the film, experience working in Marathi movie and will she do more Marathi movies in the future. Experts:

What have you learned from South Indian movies and what have you learned from it in terms of acting and co-ordination?

My first movie was a Malayalam movie and I was very new to acting so I did not really have any formal training for acting, so my first movie itself was quite a task for me and it was like a test I had to give but I was very passionate about acting.  So, my first movie was quite an experience as I was facing the camera for the first time, the lights, the crew so it was all new for me and I think with every movie I do learn something or the other and that’s why they say when you do more movies you become a better actor because you learn so many new things. In my first movie, I did not understand anything but from my second movie I started learning the technical terms, so I started getting more comfortable with the whole process of shooting. So, when I started with ‘Luckee’ I was very nervous as it is a new language but I was still happy to do it as I was born and brought up in Mumbai, I just happened to do south Indian movies. I have learned Marathi in school so it was really close to home for me. Sanjay Dada’s team is such a beautiful team because the captain of the team is so good and I really felt like a family working with them so for me it was a beautiful experience.

Why did you choose Marathi movie and not a Bollywood movie?

The only difference between Marathi, Bollywood and South is the language and everything else is the same, so I don’t really go for the language, all that matters to me is the content and the characters that the scripts offer and the kind of people I have to work with. If tomorrow I have to do Bollywood then I’ll do it but right now my focus is ‘Luckee’ and I want it to do extremely well on the screen and I plan on doing more Marathi movies for now.

How welcoming has Marathi industry been to you?

Marathi industry has been very welcoming to me. Through shootings and meetings, I have met so many new people and they have been so warm and nice to me and they make me feel like home even though at times they wont really understand my Marathi as it is not my first language but they teach me and cooperate with me so, I would say Marathi industry has really been very welcoming to me.

How was it working with the director?

Sanjay Dada is a very cool person. His vision is very huge and the way he visualizes things, he knows what he wants and he is very sure about it. But he will never pressurize the actor like even if he wants the actor to do a certain thing, he will never put pressure on the actor to get it done and he has his own way. He will get the best out of you without even putting any kind of pressure on you and that is one good quality about him. He is a fun personality, even if he has ten things going in his head you will never see it on his face or he will never let you know about it. Sanjay Dada has always told us I make movies for entertaining the audiences and not for anything else. So just this kind of attitude he has put in us too. It was really beautiful working with him as he has always made me feel really comfortable through the period of shooting of ‘Luckee’.

What do you take back from the movie?

There are a lot of things that I have learned from the movie but you have to experience it yourself and the movie is such that each and every one will take different things from the movie depending on their perspective so if you watch the movie you will understand. Trade Magazine



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