This much talked about romantic comedy has been in the news for a very long time. If a rough time line was to be drawn of the movie, one would think that the movie was up to mount the sets at the start of this year. But seven months into the year there is still no clarity on when the movie will even go on the floors, let alone release. Our sources are saying that first, the issue with the movie was the casting and now that has been taken care of (well sort of), the makers have another issue to contest with. The other issue is the one about the budget now. Sources are revealing that the filmmakers aren’t able to lock down the magical number for the movie to finally take off and that has something to do with the leading lady as well as her final fees also not being locked down just yet. The status of the movie has become a big question mark for all the parties involved, let’s see when and how does this one finally take off. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine