This industry can give you everything you want and everything you don’t want all rolled into one. But it is generally up to the individual how they take their future paths. Check the case of this budding actress she has her first Hindi movie up for release soon but she has already walked out of a couple of movies, sometimes by herself and sometime due to sheer bad timing. But one thing is common that this actress and her management team are a bunch of delusional folks, running around like headless chickens. They go to production houses; get the makers excited about the prospect and the potential of the girl but then as soon as another slightly better production house has an opening they dump the first company and move on the next one without even a word! We are simply surprised how the girl has done the handful of movies that she has already done! The sooner she changes her management the better because here in the industry one gets a reputation quicker than the seasonal flu! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine