The International Festival of India will be opening on the 20th November 2019 with the screening of “DESPITE THE FOG” (Nonostante La Nebbia), Directed by acclaimed documentarian Goran Paskaljevic representing Italy; over ten thousand refugees of minors without parental care are wandering today in Europe, half of which are on Italian roads. “Despite the Fog” is a movie about one such refugee. Helmed by one of Europe’s most remarkable directors, the fl ick narrates the story of Paolo, owner of a restaurant in a small town in the province of Rome. On his way back home on a rainy evening, he meets a refugee child, Mohammed, who lost his parents during the trip to Italy on a rubber boat. Born in Belgrade, Serbia, Paskaljevic has made 30 documentaries and 18 feature fi lms, shown and acclaimed at the most prestigious international fi lm festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Venice, Toronto, San Sebastian, to name a few. The ace director was marked as one of the world’s top fi ve directors by Variety International Film Guide in 2001.

“Fallen in love with  India” says GORAN  PASKALJEVIC  the director of the opening film of   50 th IFFI at Goa.

I had the opportunity to interact with Goran Paskaljevic, the director of the Opening Film “Despite the Fog” which was shown at Kala Acdemy in the evening on 20th Nov 2019 immediately after the inauguration function of the Golden Jubilee IFFI 2019. The cast and crew of the opening film was also present. The film, which is the Asia Premiere was greatly lauded at Kala Academy.

What made you to make a film on the subject.  Is it based on true story?

No, it is not based on true story. In fact I was thinking that if I happen see a very young abandoned child on a road, then what I should do, whether to bring child at home and take care of him or to leave him on the road. And then I developed the whole story.

What was the objective of making the film?

Today there is a great problem of immigration in Europe.  I wanted to show the atmosphere of hatred against the immigrants.

For how many years, did you study film making?

I studied film making for 4 years from 1968 to 1972. Though, I  was born in Serbia, I came to Prague  for my filmmaking studies.

What was your first film after completion of your studies?

My first film was a short film of 30 min duration in Serbian language. The name of my film was “Legend of Lapot”. Then I made 30 documentaries for Belgrade TV.

What was the name of your first feature film?

“Beach Guard in Winter Time” This film was made in 1976 and became a very popular film.  The duration of the film was 90 minutes.

Is it your first visit to India?

No. I came to India six years before in 2013. In fact I was the Chairman of the International Jury of  44th IFFI. I went to Kolkata and became friend with Victor Banerjee.  We jointly worked  for 2 years and made an Indian film “DEV BHOOMI”.

How do you like India?

I have fallen in Love with India. People here in India are very humane. I always look for an opportunity to come to India. CinemaArticlesBollywood Trade Magazine