Dhanush who carries many labels on his shoulder – actor, producer, writer, lyricist, singer and director– has created his own niche. Not just when it comes to the southern cinema, but also in the Hindi film industry with two films.We had brief chat with him for his forthcoming film ‘VIP2’, where his simple and elegant responses leaves us longing for more. Read on…

How did Kajol come onboard for ‘VIP2’?
For the character we were discussing, that we wanted somebody like Kajol ma’am but finally one day we thought, then why not her only?  And we were aware that from last 20 years she hasn’t done any other language film so it might be close to impossible to get here on board. But I said let’s give it shot because there wasn’t any harm in trying. So got her appointment through her manager and she was very sweet to meet us. We narrated her the script and purely based on the merit of the script she said yes. So that gave us even more confidence with the script and we are very happy that she decided to do the film because I don’t know anyone else who would have pulled off the character as she did and her contribution is amazing in the film.

Was there any moment that you were intimated by her personality?
No, no. I would say I am a very confident actor and I don’t get intimidated, because I have the confidence and it’s necessary also. So I have faith in me that I can do justice to the characters that I play, probably if somebody is better than me then I learn  from them quickly and try to match them .

This is your third film in Hindi so in what way have you grown from your first film ‘Raanjhanaa’?

Like language wise I’m still learning ( Laughs) I understand 50 percent of it but when it comes to talking I’m still learning and it’s still difficult for me .

How was it to be directed by your sis-in-law?

It’s great. She happens to be my best friend too, so when you work with your best friend it is more fun and communication becomes easier because what we think is similar and she knows me for 15-16 years. She knows me as an actor too. And I know her and I’ve seen her develop her abilities as a film maker so I also know her strengths. It was comparatively easier and we had great fun; specially having Kajol ma’am on sets was a laughter riot.

How was your acting process different from Kajol, she’s known to be more spontaneous so?
If you say spontaneous then it was the same.  Even I believe in spontaneity.

“I feel my personality is my strength”

After ‘Raanjhanaa’ we assumed you to be over all in Bollywood. Why is that you are picky?

As you see I have a unique way of how I look (Laughs). So I have to choose my roles carefully and also because I know my strengths and my weaknesses as well. So I have to wait for a right script so that I can do justice to the film and box-office as well.  And I feel my personality is my strength, the way I look, one will see hundred people like me and I believe they all relate with me so I’m their representative (Laughs). 

What difference do you see in film making in south and in Bollywood?

I really don’t see any differences, I’ve done two films only so far but everything for me was same.  Language is not a barrier it’s the content that needs to work.  So that change has happened and it’s a very good change.

Which directors would you like to work with in future in Hindi?

Any day I would love to work with Aanand LRai. He is a sweetheart. And also I would love to work with Rajkumar Hirani sir as he is so good with his film and every time I walk out watching his film. I feel everything is so nice, everything is so positive, he spreads positivity through his films which is commendable.

After actors like Kamal Hasaan, Rajinikanth, now the new phase of south actors coming to Bollywood has started, with you. What do you say about that?
It’s a great honor. But again it’s not about who is doing the role it’s about the content. End of the day if the content works, whoever is in the film also works.  If the film doesn’t work whoever is in the film also doesn’t work. Today the film is any day bigger than the star; the content is any day bigger than the star.

Are you a star or an actor?

I want to be both, there are trillions who are been called stars (Laughs).

What’s next?
There are few in talks I don’t know which one I’ll be doing. Will be doing Aanand L Rai’s next film after Shah Ruk Khan and in between I might or might not do a film.

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