A few weeks back, Apple announced its Apple TV Plus service which saw the company foray into the business of creating content and this week they have already got a major competition on their hands. This past week, Disney announced its long overdue entry in the business of creating content for their streaming service with its announcement of Disney+. Disney+ will be officially available in the US from November 12th this year and it will be interesting to see if the launch will also happen in India as well. According to insiders in Hollywood Disney plans to invest close to $ 2 Billion initially in the company for it to make new exciting content which will include a host of Marvel backed shows which are already announced this week in the States. This only means that the OTT’s major fight is only going to heat up in India in the near future as well. Watch this space for more on this gamut of every changing landscape of the digital space in the country! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine