Interview By: SAGAR DESAI

Divya Dutta noted for playing a variety of different roles in different film genres, talks to us about how she created a space for herself in the industry, about her upcoming film FANNEY KHAN, the directors she would like to work with and many more.

What attracted you towards the script?

I think the script is really beautiful; whoever has seen the trailer has felt that there is a soul and heart in the film, so that is very important when you sign a film, it makes you feel something. The role is very nice and it’s again a Rakesh Mehra film for me and he has always given me some beautiful roles and plus it’s opposite Anil Kapoor whom I have never been cast with, so yeah it was interesting for me to do it.

How challenging was it to make your role feel relevant?

I don’t think all that when I do it, I just take the role the way it comes and the way intriguingly feel about it and I think a mother necessarily is a mother, I mean she might have different layers, she might be a strict one, she might be a sweet one and she might be a soft one. A mother is a mother with the same kind of feelings and love for the child and that will always remain. So that factor remaining, then you add different layers and which are necessary for the script that works for me. I don’t think much about what people will think and say; when they relate to what you are doing they kind of agree with it, so they don’t criticize really.

You have done many unconventional roles in movies, so how do you pick such varied roles?

Well a few of them just happened and I then choose a few of them. And the second is a gut feeling that I think I enjoy doing something as such, so I just pick it up.

You have created you own space in the industry, how difficult and important was it for you to do so?

I think when you have a zest and passion for something, which I have for acting, you do want people to know about it and also you do it for you own personal satisfaction that makes you feel that you have done your job well. That was important for me and for me to get different roles that I wanted to get, it was important that people take me seriously as an actor, so it was very important for me to have that kind of a body of work. I remember Aditya Chopra once told me You are a fab actor but why are you signing so many films, he said this because I at that time had sign many films and I said because they are coming my way. So Aditya Chopra said choose, choose what your heart wants to do and leave a legacy behind, so that kind of stayed with me and I thought that yes I can and should may be leave a legacy behind me and from there on I really started choosing the roles I wanted to do.

What is that one thing that keeps on inspiring you?

I think that I am a greedy actor and I just feel it’s a beginning and I want to keep finding me roles for myself and keep on challenging myself and making myself little uncomfortable and then finding a new Divya and I think it’s a beautiful journey.

How was it working with the director?

He is a lovely guy, thank you for asking as nobody has asked me this before. He is a fabulous director, very cool, very calm, knows what he wants from his actors and to have such a big star cast in the film, he needed to un stand everyone’s way of working and that’s tough but he really carried it very well and I think his film shows the kind of director he is because everyone is loving the way he has pictured it and directed it. I remember him as a guy with a smile, a bright smile in spite of everything.

Which are the filmmakers that you want to work with apart from the ones you have worked with?

I think the kind of maker’ I want to work with are, I want to work with Gulzar ji, than I want to work with Vishal Bhadrwaj, I want to work with Dibakar Banerjee, than I want to work with Zoya Akhtar there are some many good directors around and I would really love to work with all of them.

What are your thoughts on the influx of web series?

We are seeing Saif and Nawazuddin doing Sacred Games,  we seen Lust Stories there is a lot of web content done by stars and actors because I thing its one very finite thing to do, two you can experiment with a lot more because its digital and you have the freedom of showing what you want, so people are doing it more and it’s more fun I guess and there is an audience out there who just like to click a button with a finger and watch, so it’s another world but it’s doing very well and actors are very well adapting to it.

What is the USP of the film?  

They have already made up their minds I guess, people are enjoying it, I think when something is very sincere and it’s a story about a father wanting to fulfill his daughter dreams and what happens around it. It’s a very sincere film and it’s all heart.

Which are you upcoming projects?

There is Manto, there is Malala, there is Abhi to party shuru hui hai, there is Music Teacher and a couple more.

The film talks about chasing your dreams and fulfilling them, so was your dream always about becoming an actor?

Absolutely, always

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