Divyendu Sharma started his career with a bang with ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ and garnered huge popularity and love for his character Liquid. He believes in doing different characters and doesn’t want to get slotted in one image. Now, he is debuting in short films with film called ‘The Virgins’ which released on 30th June on YouTube. We had a quick chat with him recently…

“When you get tremendous success with your first film, somewhere it slots you”

Tell us about ‘The Virgins’ and your character in it.

The film deals with the concept of virginity, how we and our society conceive, how it prevails and how it affects different individuals. The understanding of virginity of different characters will be seen. How we are being conditioned in a way that we think that whatsoever the boy is but the girl should be virgin at the time of marriage. My character represents this kind of hypocrisy in the film. He represents it very unknowingly. See, what happens is in our society we don’t realize that when we got conditioned. Society has no villain. If boy asks a girl that are you virgin or not, he is not a villain but it sticks to his mind because he is hearing the same thing for so many years and not realizing that he is wrong. Your sexuality is very personal. My character is very sweet guy, he doesn’t know much exactly but he heard from other people about it, he has peer pressure. What if she is not virgin and I am a virgin. What happens next? We have presented all kinds of these pressures in society in a very light and humorous way.

These days the trend of releasing content on digital platform is growing. What would you like to say about it?

I think it’s a very welcome change. It has become very easy for new people to tell their story, there are many new concepts coming every day. Thank god, there is no censorship on web. Whatever you want people to see, you can do it. People have their own choice and they can see whatever they want. Web has every kind of content, great, not so great. I think to make short film more hard work is required in comparison to a feature film because in feature you have 2-3 hours but in short film you have 5 minutes, 10 minutes or 15 minutes. Short films are much more compact version of feature films and it is much more creative but difficult.

Recently, we also saw you in Permanent Roommates season 2. Are we going to see you more in digital content in future?

Definitely. I think as an actor or as an artist we should not get bound in one thing. And it is very harmless. If there is some great story somewhere and a good character to play for me, then I am up for it.

Is it a conscious call from your side to do lesser films?

Yes, it is a very conscious call. When I decided to be an actor, I never wanted to be this hero who wants to make place in every girl’s heart or want his posters everywhere. I genuinely wanted to be an actor and wanted to play different characters and wanted to do good sensible films. So, I don’t believe in doing too much work. As an actor, one has to be little choosy in life, it is very important. If you are not convinced about the stories, how you will essay it on screen convincingly. Recently I completed two films. It is first time when I have finished films back to back. It is pretty damn tough because if you are honest to your craft, then to play two characters at the same time is very difficult. It’s almost like having a split personality disorder. I can’t do like I am going on set and just saying my lines. I want to live my characters. I want people to remember my character as they remember Liquid from ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’ or my character from ‘Chashme Baddoor’ or ‘Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami’. I want people to remember me for my every film because I really work hard for every film and I don’t want to waste it. It is very important for me to know who is making the film, how serious they are. There are many films made in Bollywood especially projects are made more than movies. I don’t want to be part of those projects; I want to be part of films.

Is it good thing or bad thing that people still know you because of your character Liquid in ‘Pyaar Ka Punchnama’? No other character made such big place in their heart.

Everything has a pros and cons. When you get tremendous success with your first film, somewhere it slots you. But as an actor and artist, it should be your personal call that you don’t feed the same thing to your audience again and again. If you will do the same thing again and again, then 10 years down the line you can’t blame your audience that I never got something different to do. You know, it very overwhelming that people love liquid’s character that much. After a point of time it’s unbelievable. I was promoting one of my films and we went to this engineering college in NCR and the kind of reactions I saw there was amazing. It’s very nice when you play such characters for which people remember you. Now, it’s up to you to flow in the appreciation and start doing the same things again and again to get more appreciation. Thankfully, I didn’t do that and I am trying to play different characters. You can’t really blame people for their appreciation. It will take time but I will come out of it. You can’t really blame someone that why do you love me so much.

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