This film is an official remake of the Hollywood horror hit Occulus, a tale about an eighteenth century witch hunt where a proclaimed witch is burnt on the stake on the Queens orders but her spirit possesses a huge mantle mirror which goes down on centuries as an unlucky mirror where the possessor of the mirror gets killed in strange circumstances and nothing is proved and no one is caught. Now the mirror is in the family the Merchants ,of a very creative painter  Alex (Adil Hussain)  and his loving wife Lisa (Lisa Ray) and their two small children and a pet dog Rambo which is a very happy family but then things go wrong when the mirror is unveiled their mansion and Adil starts having affairs with his models and has constant arguments with his wife and the children get disturbed and once the unholy ghost orders Adil to kill his family and Adil in a spell goes about doing it but is killed by his son and daughter who is saved . The son is sent to a correction home and after seven years he comes as Kabir ( Saquib Saleem), a well adjusted boy with his only sister Natasha (Huma Qureshi)  to take care of him but Huma has other plans and she has set up a room filled with cameras to capture the spirit of the witch in the mirror and kill it but as luck would have it, she is killed by the spirit and the accused is her younger brother who has nothing to do with it and he is again jailed for no crime of his. This horror film is different in the sense that it is not very gruesome or gory and there is not much bloodshed but it can be termed as a intellectual horror thriller with the camera and the lighting creating eerier shadows and the most effective background music and the performances of Saqueeb , Huma, and Adil Hussain. Lisa Ray does well. Rhea Chakraboraty shines in her cameo of a correctional counselor. The children played by Abhishek Singh and Rysa Saujhani are very impressive. Madellina Bellaru Iona as Anna the evil spirit model is very good. The film is rather on the lines of Polteirgist and there are some very frightful scenes in the film.

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