This relatively new production house is not leaving a good taste in the mouths of all those who are dealing with them. They’ve had a few indie movies under their belt but now that they think they’ve hit the big times, they really look like fish out of a pond with their antics. For one of their upcoming movies they’ve had a respectable young actor to give their nod but that’s not it. They feel they can land a decently big girl opposite the young star and hence they’re literally out fishing for a new actress every single week. Sometimes they’re talking to different actresses from the same management agencies to get a silly sort of bidding war going on internally. We reckon the sooner they mend their ways the sooner they can lock the cast and actually take their movie on the floors and this time around try and make some sort of profit of their films, something they’ve not witnessed even once in their existence. Baffles us how people work on simply their clout alone! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine