This past week DANGAL actress Zaira Wasim quit the film industry at the young age of 18. She did so because this profession, threatened her relationship with her religion. She says while she may fit perfectly in the industry, she doesn’t belong here. While she got love, support and everything from the industry, she claims, this profession interfered with her faith and her relationship with her religion was threatened.

This garnered a lot of mixed reaction from the industry with most of them being okay with her going from the industry but don’t necessarily agree with her decision. It was also said that she had been suffering with a lot of anxiety and depression and the works and it would be understandable if she left because of this. But to give a reason that she gave is totally unacceptable. She is still 18 years old and she has a long life ahead of her. A decision such as this could also be attributed to teenage angst that is ever so present in the current generation of teenagers.

It is also quite ironical that she quits the industry citing the reasons that she gave, while she played the lead in SECRET SUPERSTAR, where against the wishes of her father she becomes a singer and pulls her mother out of an abusive relationship. While that film educated a lot of people, especially the teenagers and their parents to give their children wings to fly, she goes ahead and does this.

It’s fine, you want to leave the industry, go ahead no one is stopping you. It isn’t like someone forced her to be in the industry against her will, and there was no gun to her head that she has to give such reasons in her public statement. But with what she said, she not only has disrespected this industry but she also has disrespected her own religion. We have seen so many Muslim actresses, not only in our industry but all over the world. You can go back to the 60s, or even before that and you’ll see so many actresses who have worked in the industry. Same is in Hollywood. Not only that, there are female news readers, also actresses in countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, etc where the majority of the population is Muslim.

So by giving such a statement she is disrespecting them all, and everyone associated with this industry, and also her religion. It’s shameful she had to do this. If she had given no reason at all, it would have been much better than saying this and causing an unnecessary controversy. So many are saying it’s going to be a loss for the industry to lose her. I disagree. It’s going to be her loss to walk away from the industry. But I do hope she finds the peace or solace that she had been seeking, and wish her well for whatever that she decides to do with her life next.

By – Amul Vikas Mohan Trade Magazine