Ever few years something major happens in the industry and so many from the industry or people who are commenting on the inner workings of the industry start writing our obituaries. But every now and then something new and different and exciting shows up and changes the entire game for the long period of time.

Let’s go back to the late 80s. The movie business was going through a general lull. Movies remade from the South was a major thing back then and people were not really coming out in big numbers to the cinemas. Right then a new revolution of Video sales in terms of the VHS market and a whole new avenue was opened for the film producers to make money.

Fast forward to the mid 90s when the satellite television made an entry to our homes across the nation. At that time thanks to the heavy piracy situation the industry was bleeding dry and needed an way out. Like in the decade before thanks to new satellite market opening up the industry could breath a sigh of relief. At the same time during the end of 90s the music industry reset its rules too and producers had two big doors open up for them. In terms of the music and satellite market.

Then in the 2000s when the industry had another doomsday scenario coming up with a lull in the satellite and music market came the overseas market to safeguard some of the insecurities producers were feeling at the time. In the mid 2000s corporate companies started to come and invest in the movie business as well which helped the situation immensely as well. 

In the 2010s the industry got a new avenue once again with the digital exploitation of songs on downloads and ringtones market. Which once again gave the slowing down music market another major boost. Last year many wrote the industry off , they said many studios were shutting shop, movies were tanking at the box-office, and so many other issues. But from last year on wards the digital revolution has really started off  with a bang. With major international players like Netflix and Amazon Prime coming to India with their deep pockets all off  a sudden there is a whole new market which has opened up for the filmmakers. This has got the satellite companies to smarten up too and now there is a multiple level of competition in terms of where a producer can sell his movie. If he is not getting a good price from the satellite company he can go a sell the digital rights with another company and walk away with the money.

Now there are a million ways to make money from a film. But the makers have to be smart about it all as well. They have just concentrate and churn out quality content and leave the rest to figure out on its own. The fight should about making content which the whole industry can be proud off  eventually. Trade Magazine