This is the biopic of a famed eye surgeon Dr. Tatya Lahane who started in a small village in utter poverty and had nothing to eat and his sister dies of malnutrition which makes him take the oath to become a doctor and his mother (Alka Kubal Athalye) supports his cause and he gets a scholarship to study in a good respectable medical college and Lahane (Makarand Anaspure) starts his work in a small village and he is shocked to know that the villagers don’t come for eye treatment because one patient was proclaimed dead after an operation but Lahane restores confidence in the villagers and now he has done more than 2000 eye operations at a very affordable price for the poor. Meanwhile he has got married to a politician’s (Bharat Ganeshpure) daughter. The film is well directed and gives a good message. Makarand Anaspure does well. Alka Kubal Athalye is good as usual. Bharat Ganeshpure does well. The rest of the performances are good. The music is message oriented lyric with melody. Technically a well shot film. A good bio-pic of a doctor who has been honored with the Padmashree.


At the box-office

The film is an average fare.

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