Early Sunday afternoon, Viacom18 Motion Pictures issued a statement stating that they are deferring the release of their magnum opus PADMAVATI indefi nitely. This one statement resonates what we at Super Cinema have been trying to say for the longest time that we need to take a stand to overcome this sheer madness which engulfs our movies whenever they’re up for a release.

Time and time again, movie after movie, the Hindi film industry gets bullied and it has no way to get away from this at all. What happened with PADMAVATI is obviously unprecedented but hey we are the ones who are to be blamed for this mess we are in right now and no one else. The reason I say, we are to be blamed is because we never show any kind of unity amongst ourselves for the world to even take us serious. The Hindi film industry has been and will always be an easy target for one and all to take pot-shots at, all the time.

From a random upcoming stand up comedian to a local political party, they can all benefit from jumping on the bandwagon of hating and demeaning the Hindi film industry because they know we have no strength. They say that a group of people has more influence or power than one person. But people, industry leaders are to be blamed for our plight now. We never take a strong stand on anything; there is an obvious sense of disunity amongst our industry and everyone is simply taking advantage of the same.

We pay the highest number of taxes; the goods that we provide are taxed the highest as well. But still we don’t have the spine to even ask for a basic need for a citizen in a democratic country i.e. freedom of expression and freedom of speech. When such a thing can happen to a filmmaker like Sanjay Leela Bhansali, imagine the plight of a young and budding filmmaker with a story to tell that could very well push the envelope. But we in this industry love to swipe everything uncomfortable and uneasy simply under the rug and forget about it.

The world has been rocked with the series of sexual harassment cases popping up in Hollywood and look at the stand their associations are taking; for a minute, think something like that ever happening in our country where our associations bans a fi lmmaker or an actor is replaced from a television show or a fi lm. It will never, ever happen here simply because there is no integrity in anything we as a collective group ever do. I suggest take a strong stand, don’t release any more movies till the end of the year, or forget that, try doing that for a week and see the kind of response we gather. But hey like the Hollywood example earlier I don’t think that will ever happen here as well. But in gloomy times like these we need to think ahead of the curve and defi nitely out of the box or else come next week it could be your movie which is getting delayed or postponed because of bullying. Trade Magazine