Interview By: SAGAR DESAI

The heartthrob of South India, Dulquer Salmaan, a superstar  of South film industry, who makes his Hindi film industry debut with KARWAAN talked to us in a candid chat about why he decided to become an actor, what kind of films he likes, about KARWAAN, Bollywood and much more.

You are a Business Management Graduate, worked  in USA then Dubai, so what drew you to become an  actor? 

I think, I actually believe that almost 90% of people  are curious about Cinema, Super Cinema and if given  a chance, would want to do something in cinema. So,  I always from a very young age played in home with  hand cameras and shot small films in my house with  my camera and all that, so I think I always like the  creative side of movies and I think when I was doing  corporate work, I don’t think that I was creatively satisfied, I think I started revisiting short films with some  friends of mine and I realized that It’s so much fun.  It doesn’t feel like work, I think anything to do with  movies is so dynamic and you are always on the go  shooting on different locations and all that stuff . I figure  it out that if I won’t do something in movies then  I will regret it later in life. So I think that kind of made  me take it.

You keep on doing different genre films, is that a  conscious decision you take, or it just happened? 

I definitely want that every film of mine should be  different than my last film, it is also refreshing for us  as actors that you don’t keep playing the same role as  an actor. So I do try to change it up as much as possible  but sometimes logistics come in to play, date  issues or some or other things come into play, I have  had times when two or three releases were similar  characters or same kind of films but it’s not ideally  what I want, I like my two Hindi release films now,  they are different from each other, My Character in  KARWAAN is a little more introverted character as he  is going through an internal turmoil, Nikhil in ZOYA  FACTOR is a little more of a leader, explorer.

What are the kinds of roles that attract you? 

Honestly speaking I look at the film when I get film  offers; I look at the film on the whole. I look to see  if the film is interesting, if it is going to be honest, if  there is going to be something new for the audience  and then if I have an interesting character then good  but I don’t specifically try to choose only interesting  character because I believe if the film works, my character  will also be liked, if the film doesn’t work even if  I have a very unique character not many people will  see it.

Do you think that KARWAAN is an ideal movie for  you to make your Bollywood debut? 

Yeah, I feel like it’s in the same zone as some other  films I have done, it could be compared to like an  USTAAD HOTEL, OK KANMANI. In terms of it been a  slice of life, very relatable, the characters are very believable,  the problems are quite real, I mean tomorrow  if something like this happens to you where you will  get a news that your relative passed away and you  got the wrong body what will happen? I think those  are the sort of things that we explore and I like them,  films that are relatable, you watch the movie and think  that these people are real people.

You are working for the first time with Irrfan and  Akarsh Khurana in KARWWAN so how was the experience? 

Both of them are genuinely wonderful people, they  genuinely love cinema and I think if you love cinema  you will want everybody to work towards making  the fi lm, so there is no unnecessary prejudice, everybody  loves to make the scene work, so I felt like both  Akarsh and Irrfan Sir have amazing love for cinema  and they all are willing to go the extra distance, Irrfan  Sir brought so much to his character, the writing of  his character was not that funny but Irrfan Sir took it  to another level by preparing small – small things so  that was his doing.

How much do you improvise as an actor, and how  much did you in this movie? 

I do but my only thing is that because Hindi is not  my fi rst language, so it is not easy for me to improvise,  I know when I want to say something, I will ask  the director after the cut like you know in this scene I  feel like I should say something or I should feel a gap,  you know because it’s like I am talking to you right  now but in a scene I should feel more lively, you can’t  just be waiting to speak, so at times I do small improvisations  but it is not as easy as it is for me to improvise  in Hindi as it is to improvise in Malayali or Tamil.

What difference do you feel in how movies are  made in Bollywood to how it is made in south India? 

I find Bollywood to be more organized, it has a very  Hollywood, western sort of a studio culture, especially  talking about this film; how each and every department  worked, everybody was prepared, everybody  knew their roles, I am not just saying about actors but  behind the scenes, each person on set had a specific  role and they knew exactly what to do, sometimes in  smaller industries we are all there together and try to  do things, sometimes one person might play different  roles on a movie set, it is not very clear or very defined  or structured, that’s the only difference but I think  when you work with people who love cinema, who  want to make good movies that is a common thing  and of course everybody is making Indian cinema.

Do you like travelling? 

Yeah, all my life I have, my parents have travelled  mostly by roads, most of south India we have driven  by car, my dad even now drives to the mountains of  Rajasthan or to Goa by car because he thinks it’s fun  and we all should go together, he keeps making these  plans but sometimes it is hard now with our schedule,  when we travel abroad, lot of times it’s road trips.

What is your take away from KARWAAN? 

I genuinely think this is one of the best teams I  have worked with, we have made some great friendships,  we all have got very close and every time now  I come to Mumbai I feel like I have a family here, so  that whole team of KARWAAN, the direction team,  they all have worked together in the past also, so they  all are quite close and whenever I come they all want  to meet, so I think for me my take away will be the  friendships and the bonds.

What are you upcoming projects and which directors  will you like to work with in Bollywood? 

Well there are many directors I would like to work  with. I am doing ZOYA FACTOR next, I haven’t signed  anything as yet, I saw RAAZI recently so definitely  Meghna Gulzar I would like to work with, Rajkumar  Hirani, also I met Suresh Triveni who made TUMHARI  SULU, that’s a very interesting film and then my upcoming  movies that I have is in Tamil, I have a film  called KANNUM KANNUM KOLLAIYADITHAAL  ready for release, doing another Malayalam film, I am  everywhere right now.

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