This film is an old fashioned tale about an heiress and her step father out to murder her for her property. Natasha (debutant Natasha D’Souza) is in love with a spirit ghost boy Dev (Shiv Darshan) who has been hired to kill Natasha but falls in love with her and tries to save her umpteen times from her step father who wants to kill her but this gets the goat of Sunny (Upen Patel) who is engaged to be married to Natasha and he tries to unravel the mystery about Dev and tries to make everyone see that he is a ghost who is upto no good but everyone ridicules him and a tutored pshycic professor (Krishan Tandon) spreads hocus pocus about a spirit who has possesed Natasha but in actual proceedings it is Dev who saves Natasha from her evil stepfather (Rumi Khan) and a kind family friend Lalit Tiwari also aides Dev after the stepfather aide Rita (Soni Kaur) gets killed in a mistaken identity. Finally the mystery is unravelled and Sunny dies pledging his love to Dev who now becomes a part of the mortal world. Suneel Darshan’s direction is very good and he has captured the locales of London, Manchester, Scotland, etc with picture perfect visuals. He’s done good justice to the story. The music by Nadeem is a welcome score by the king of romantic meody of the 90’s. Shiv Darshan is a vast improvement from his first film. He has done a good job. He’s acted very well in this film. Natasha D’Souza makes a good debut. Her chemistry in this film with Shiv is great. She has acted quite well in her debut. Rumi Khan makes a good villain. Lalit Tiwari is impressive. Upen Patel is very good and deserves more appreciation. He has given a solid performance in this film. Soni Kaur, Dimppy Ramdayal, Krishan Tandon, San Mahajan, lend good support. A Film for true romantics.


At the box-office

The film has taken a disappointing start but can grow with a steady word of mouth.

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