There is a new phenomenon in the industry since the past couple of years. You see there is a complete outsider who is running a company which specialises in predicting the future of the movies. They have some science to it and they come up with a number and tell the industry that that’s the number their films will be opening at come their release date. That’s fine. We at Super Cinema and many like us with a great sense of the trade and the way it works have been doing that for eons now. I’m not saying we know it any better but it’s simply amazing how this random company has now become a barometer of fakeness which is running throughout the industry.

I’m taking a bold step in calling them fake because this company hardly gets any of their prediction right. And in many ways they’re ruining the way we as an industry are functioning in these media and perception crazy world. Let me tell you how. Let me tell you some of the key releases from last year up until this week and you will know how ‘off’ has been this company’s prediction which is making money off over 100 producers from the industry on a monthly basis. Last year’s DISHOOM was trending for this company at 9 crores but the movie actually opened at 11 crores. MOHENJO DARO was predicted by them to open at 12 crores but the film actually opened at 8.5 crores. For PINK the prediction by the company was 2.5 crores but the movie eventually opened at 4.30 crores. For MS DHONI: THE UNTOLD STORY they had a varied set of prediction starting at 8 crores which went on to eventually 14 crores but on the actual opening day the movie opened to a whopping 20 crores. For BAAR BAAR DEKHO the company predicted that the movie would open to 10 crores but the film opened at 6.75 crores. A FLYING JATT was predicted by them to open at 9 crores but the film opened at 6.50 crores. AE DIL HAI MUSHKIL was predicted by them to open at 11 crores but the movie went on to open at 13 crores. While for SHIVAAY their prediction was for 13 crores and the movie opened at 9 crores. For last year’s highest grossing movie DANGAL they were predicting that the movie would open at 25 crores but the movie went on to open at 29.25 cores. This year they had OK JAANU tracking at 6 crores but the movie opened to 3.5 cores. While this week they had the Akshay Kumar starrer JOLLY LLB 2 tracking at 15 crores but the movie will likely open to in the range of 11.50 crores.

These above examples are just floating around in my head there are tons more of them from where these came from. But like a kid in a candy shop anything new and vaguely exciting comes around and we as an industry love to jump on that bandwagon. Over 100 individuals including producers, directors, actors, actresses and studios are subscribing to them to get to the number. But my point is when they are constantly so off their prediction why give them such credibility to begin with?

When any of the filmmakers movies are under-performing according to these fraudsters’ tracking number these filmmakers get into panic media buying mood and spend on silly marketing exercises thinking that their films will track better. When actually all this company is actually doing is leading us to a dark alley they think they know.

One thing my dad used to always tell people from the industry and many of you reading this will agree with me because he must have had this conversation with you as well that, ‘one thing you can be certain about in this industry is uncertainty’. And those words never sounded more truthful than they do to me now. Trade Magazine