Certificate: U/A

Story & Director: Rajeev Dhingra

Starring: Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, Rajesh Sharma, Monica Gill

Screenplay: Rajiev Dhingra, Balwinder Singh Janjua, Rupinder Chahal

Music: Jatinder Shah

This is ace funster Kapil Sharma’s vehicle all the way.  Here he plays a good natured Punjabi boy  affectionately called Manga, who wants a good job preferably in the police constabulary in the British era, and a good lady he loves (Ishita Dutta), her parents agree to the match but her grandfather (Anjaan Shrivastava) who is a freedom fighter and a true Gandhian is against the match as Manga is in the British employment and the British, led by a British officer (Edwin Sonnenfield) want to start a distillery factory in cahoots with the debauch king (Kumud Mishra) and they want Manga’s villagers to give away the village for the factory and shift somewhere else. Manga tries to bring a settlement between the Britishers, the king and the villagers but the king slyly makes all the villagers drunk and takes their thumb prints to buy their village plots. The villagers blame Manga and they give him a chance to rectify things and how he does that is the climax of the film.

Kapil Sharma is in his elements and he delivers a very good performance. Ishita Dutta shows promise. Kumud Mishra is a veteran artiste and is impressive. Edward Sonnenfield is good.  Rajesh Sharma, Anjaan Shrivastava, Monica Gill does a great job as well and has played her role sincerely, Inamullah Haq lend good support. The music by Jatinder Shah is good. Technical aspects are of a high standard. Director Rajiev Dhingra debuts well.



The film has taken a slow opening and will take a serious turnaround for the movie to make a dent at the ticket windows nationwide.

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