The heads at this production house are happy to live in fool’s paradise. They’re doing really well when it comes to put out movies in a good quantity. Quality wasn’t their forte ever but that is a whole different topic. Now the makers have decided to take the industry back a few year by bringing a practise which is looked upon at. The practise in question is that of inflating their box-office numbers. Without a shadow of doubt their last few movies have done exceptional business at the box-office but the heads of the company are more keen to put out absurd box-office totals of those genuine hit movies also, hence taking away the credibility of those movies considerably. When some concerned producers of the same movie have raised questions they have been told not to get involved with their affairs. Most of the trade and even the general public already know the ongoings in this company but then what can you do about people living in denial. Sad, but then such is the life dearies. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine