Certificate: UA

Directed By: Rucha Humnabadkar

Starring: Ali Fazal, Melanie Chandra, Rajit Kapur, Amitosh Nagpal and Omi Vaidya

Story: Rishi bhilawadikar

Produced By Rishi Bhilawadikar

FOR HERE OR TO GO? is a story about an inspiring software engineer Vivek Pandit (Ali Fazal) staying and working in Silicon Valley and is in a state of professional and social problem because his US visa is going to get expired within a year, he is surrounded by friends who are also facing similar problems related to visa. Vivek is sick of his current job and wants to change his job but no one is ready to appoint him as his US visa is soon going to get expired and they don’t want to go into the immigration chaos. Then there is Vivek’s colleague Lakshmi (Omi Vaidya) who has stayed in the same company for five years and now has also applied for a US green card as he does not want to go back home due to personal problems. On the other hand there is Amit (Amitosh Nagpal) whose visa is also going to get expired soon and has his own set of problems. In the midst of all this there is an Indian origin US based business tycoon who has written a book and is addressing all Indian staying abroad to go back to their homeland. Vivek’s tension is eased a little bit when he meets a recent law graduate Shweta (Melanie Chandra) thorough a Bollywood speed dating night event. The film is about a sensitive topic of immigration which is handled nicely but could have been handled a lot better. The writer has a written a busy script which not only talks about the complexities that a lot of immigrants find themselves in but also other frustrating and soul searching issues facing ethnic communities.

Technically the film is okay; editing is not so good, background music is okay, production values are poor.  The film is written well but it tries to say too much in 2 hours and hence loses its focus many times from the actual story and plot. Background score is also okay.

Performances wise all are good, the actors have tried their best to make it a better film but they could not do much. Ali Fazal as the central character keeps you invested in the story but after a point even he could not make it an engaging watch. Omi Vaidya plays his role well but the actor is largely wasted, Amitosh Nagpal saves the script from becoming boring at times thanks to his one liners and humorous act.

Director Rucha Humnabadkar uses the topic of the problems that young Indians are facing abroad but could have done it way better, the direction frankly looks a bit childish as it does not keep you invested and engaged in the film throughout.


At the box-office,

The film is non starter

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