We at Super Cinema have always had the best interest of the industry as one of our main aims. Keeping that in mind we have been constantly speaking out against prediction agencies that are bleeding the industry dry with their greed and honestly lack of the way things work.

A few months back a very popular young actor was speaking candidly to me and I was shocked to see him panic pillar to post because his movie which was about to release in a couple of weeks day have been ‘tracking badly’. He made frantic calls to the marketing team and even the finance team asking them to come up with more ideas to push the movie so the tracking of his movie could get better. They did all of that and the movie still eventually opened far lesser than the tracking number. This was a real eye opener for me personally. To see first-hand the panic that these random numbers were causing was shocking to say the very least.

Studios, individual producers, actors, directors and a whole host of others working in and around the industry were busy subscribing to these fraudulent entities for the mega bucks. But we are happy to report that some of the key players have stopped their subscription mid-way as they have also seen what we were trying to say since a few months now. But many still continue to give their hard earned money to something which has a record for being wrong.

So we at Super Cinema have decided to start a Box-Office Forecast, absolutely free of cost. We have a slightly better advantage (because we are actually in the film trade) to come up with realistic numbers for movies. We strongly believe that audiences now a day’s decides to watch a movie based squarely on its trailer. Trailers are generally the first proper unit to give a sense of how the movies are going to eventually fare at the box-office. Music used to play an integral part in the proceedings as well but not anymore. If your trailer is good, audiences will find a way to come out to watch the movie in the theaters.

Continuing on that thought, we believe once the trailer of a film is out it is generally easy to come up with a proper range of an opening day number. That is what we will try to achieve in our Box-Office Forecast. Hopefully you, our readers will give us your feedback and tell us where and what elements we can tweak to make it better. Until then happy reading. Trade Magazine