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Certificate: U/A

Director: Sourabh Shrivastava

Starring: Flora Saini, Arshad Warsi, Saurabh Shukla, Sara Loren, Elli AvrRam

Written by: Amal Donwaar, Sharad Tripathi

FRAUD SAIYAAN is inspired from the true story of a guy who cons women into marrying them and has multiple wives. Bhola Prasad Tripathi (Arshad Warsi) is a con man who gets married to women and then robs them of their money. He has married as many as 12 women and is already looking for his next target. He is with his wife Sunita (Deepali Pansare) one day in Lucknow when she tells him to go to the station to fetch his uncle Murari Chaurasia (Saurabh Shukla). But Murari finds out the truth about Bhola and realizes Bhola is not as innocent as his name. He tries to expose him but alas, he fails. Then he tries a different way by pretending to be enamored by him and asks him to teach him the ropes too. Bhola reluctantly agrees and gives Murari a firsthand experience into how he manages to run his con. But both get into trouble when a dacoit Chanda Yadav (Bhawana Pani) who was promised marriage by Bhola, abducts him and forces him to get married. What happens next is the rest of the film.

The story is something that we haven’t seen before. The script looks flawed and weak and it shows in the film. The dialogues which are meant to be funny and make you chuckle fail to do so and if anything some of them make you cringe.

Technically the film is decent. Prakash Kutty’s cinematography is neat. Editing by Nirav Soni is weak and could have been crisp. The music is so-so, the pick of the lot being Chamma Chamma. The production design is decent. The script is weak.

Performances from the cast have been good. Arshad Warsi is in his element and is entertaining. Very few, if any, would have been able to perform like he did in this film. Saurabh Shukla was also good but poor writing let him down. Sara Loren makes an impact. Flora Saini does well. Elli AvrRam is decent. The rest of the cast offer good support.

Director Sourabh Shrivastava, fails to entertain the audiences like he thought he would. But he does manage to get good performances from his actors.


At the box-office

The film is going to be a major flop. ReviewsBollywood Trade Magazine



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