Produced By- Disha Prakash Jha and KanishkGangwal

Directed By- Sourabh Shrivastava

Starring- Arshad Warsi, Sara Loren, Saurabh Shukla, Deepali Pansare,Nivedita Tiwari


15 Crores

Estimated Budget


0.50 Crores

Our Opening Day Prediction

‘Fraud Saiyaan’is allabout a Man who pretends to be in love with women, it is not just one woman its multiple woman at once and he is married to each one of them. The trailer was quitefunny and seems like an absolute package of entertainment and to see how one man is going to deal with the mess of wives he has made and how will he confront them when they find out the truth. Here are some factors we believe will work in its favour:


In ‘Fraud Saiyaan’ we see Arshad Warsi as the lead. The trailer is funny and full of entertainment as it includes Arshad being husband to many women and pretending to be in love with them while he hasmarried themwith the intention to con them. There are hilarious scenes in the trailer like where Arshad two wives confront each other and manages to save himself somehow.While his life continues without any disruption, Saurabh Shukla’s character enters the narrative as someone enamoured by Warsi’s expertise at conman ship and wishes to come under his aegis.


Arshad Warsi and his comic timings! He is someone who will make you laugh with any and every character that he plays. His dialogue delivery is at its best and is loved by most of us because of it.  Every character he plays, he blends in with it in such a way that does not even feel like he is just playing a character. The authenticity is at its best when it comes to Arshad Warsi. Saurabh Shukla learns about his work and is so in love with his work that he comes under his guidance to work with and for him. Saurabh is famous for his Punch lines, Dialogue Deliveries and his comic timings. When two people famous for their comic timing come together as a pair it is for sure going to be a rollercoaster ride of uncountable laughs.The star cast itself seems to be the main reason to go and watch the movie in theatres also the trailer being so good is going to result in being another reason to get each and every one excited to watch the movie.


The movie may  be of any genre it still gets each and every one excited  if the trailer has reached to the audience properly and is enough to get us moving to the nearest theatres in order to enjoy the movie. ‘Fraud Saiyaan’ being a Comedy Film is more than enough to keep us excited and keep us eagerly waiting for the release.  Movies like PK, Golmaal , 3 Idiots , Welcome and Vicky Donor have received audience love in abundance and entertained us to the core. We see ‘Fraud Saiyaan’ in the same space.


We see Elli Avram in the recreated song ‘ChammaChamma’ rocking it with those thumkas and has 61 Million views on You tube in just 3 weeks. ‘IshqIshq Tera’ is a beautiful romantic song starring Arshad and Sara Loren it has 1.3 Million views on You Tube. BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine