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This film is based on human trafficking and the sex industry that thrives in all parts of the world. This film is in the same mould as Taken or Mardaani. There is also an underlying current of gay relationships.  A young boy understands that he is physically gay and is friends with a young boy Fredrick and they are close to each other but his father (Rajesh  Khera) thrashes him and Fredrick and in a fit of anger the boy kills his father. Then the scene shifts to  an Intelligence officer Vikram (Avinash Dhyani) who has lost his memory in a traumatic turn of events and his commanding officer (Anant Jog) tries to jog his memory in true Bourne Identity or Bourne Supremacy Style but he runs away from the hospital when other people recognize  him but he can’t recognize them but his girlfriend (Purna Butalia) tries to jog his memory but in the interim his sister is kidnapped by the traffickers and he along with his girlfriend go to search for her and the rest of the film is about how they are led to the elusive Fredrick (Prashant Narayanan) and whether they rescue the girls from his hell hole. The film is a racy thriller and well directed. The technical aspects are very good. The music is melodious. Prashant Narayanan in his usual style steals the show.  Avinash Dhyani makes a good debut as does Poorna Butalia.  Anant Jog is good.The rest of the cast is adequate.  A good thriller.


At the box-office

The film will be a total disaster. ReviewsBollywood Trade Magazine



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