Recently at a house party a senior movie star got inebriated and created a stir at the party. Things did not end for him at this as he later was seen taking case of a rising young actor. The senior also criticized the latter one for the kind of roles he has done so far and his choices for the films. The senior actor went on to an extent of asking the younger actor to do more of macho roles and action oriented films rather than the other kind of films the younger actor has done in the past. The younger actor as a mark of respect for the senior actor did not utter a word against him and just kept nodding throughout the case taking session. The antics of the senior actor did result in embarrassment for everyone present at the party. We just wonder what the senior actor would have felt about his tantrums the next morning once he was sober!

After TERAA SURROOR, HR Musik is going to start the casting for HEERIYE – a love story with a social message to be shot in Lucknow and Kanpur. The makers are also working on the sequel of THE XPOSE and another script. To top it all a single will also be recorded soon for which a grand video is being planned. After giving 650 super hit songs and 10 films as an actor Himesh is on a completely new makeover for his next in terms of looks and a complete reinvention again for his music! BuzzBollywood Trade Magazine