Audiences today have so many options its not funny. They can consume content on the tablets, phones, laptops and televisions; their last option today is to venture into a cinema hall and watch a movie. Its a massive problem. And producers/studios are keeping the audiences further away from the movie by a) providing them with substandard products and b) getting their budgets way off.

Movies have and always will be a visual medium but now that is no longer the case when so much is on offer money paying audiences tend to keep clear of the situation. They rather save up and watch a big star’s movies rather than spend at any and everything.

Today the audiences decide on the trailer alone that they want to watch a movie or not. But it has become such a tedious thing to get that first unit right. Any miscommunication in the trailer and people will disregard the movie totally. It might sound scary but its the truth.

A few years ago, we could bifurcate between class and mass audiences but thats not the case anymore either. We have blurred the lines so much it has come to bite the industry right now. We kept feeding audiences with daft movies left, right and centre for years now and it had to finally catch up.

Now the business is shrinking because of that. When they’re watching unlimited content on a Netflix or an Amazon or on ALT Balaji for a margin of what they’re paying to watch a single film in a multiplex they’re choosing that over movies, period. I don’t blame them I do the same.

Its high time that makers and studios get their act together and start putting out correct content on the correct budget because only then we can survive this menace. We are not giving audiences a reason to step out anymore.

Its no longer about our music is good so audiences will come. No they will not. if your music is good they will consume that on their phones via Youtube for free. They will not come to watch your movie because of that anymore. It is also no longer about star power/ star pull anymore either. The audiences are smarter now, they realise that if the film is not up to the mark there is no point watching it. Today even sex doesn’t sell like it use to maybe half a decade ago. There is no censorship on the internet why would they pay money to watch badly made ‘adult’ movies when it is easily available on their phones.

Change is the only thing constant and the quicker we change as a unit we will be able to stay ahead of the curve or else become a cautionary tale. Trade Magazine