Producer- Sachin Jare

Director- Raj Gorde

Music- Rohit Nagbhide

Censor Certificate- U

Length- 130 MINUTES

Cast- Mitali Jagtap, Umesh Jagtap, Yash Kulkarni

This film is about the travails of two poor boys who live on the ghats of a very holy shrine and do everything from picking out coins that are thrown in the wells and ponds by the devotees who throng the banks of the river. On the banks of Saint Dnyaneshwar’s Alandi, people come to attain salvation. At such a holy place we have people who are downtrodden and ignored by society. With the banks of Alandi as the backdrop, we see the blossoming friendship of two pals (Yash Kulkarni and Dattatraya Dharme) and the struggle that people go through just to survive. One boy’s father (Umesh Jagtap) is a drunkard and beats up his mother (Mitali Jagtap) regularly and she suffers from poor health. While the delicate relationship of Manya and Papya unfolds, we will also see the horrible life of people living at the pilgrim centres. The film emphasizes the importance of money in our lives even after we pray to God for blessings. Mitali Jagtap is impressive. Umesh Jagtap is a solid actor. Yash Kulkarni and Dattatraya Dharme are two young wonder boys. Amole Gole’s cinematography is very good. The other technical aspects are good. Overall a film with good content.



The film should do well.

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