Music composers Gourav-Roshin have done a fabulous job with some of their recent compositions like ‘Mungda’ from ‘Total Dhamaal’ among others. We get chatting with Gourav where he shares about his and Roshin’s relationship with each other, how recreating sometimes limits the creativity and why they did ‘Mungda’ and other songs from ‘Total Dhamaal’.

How did you and Roshin start working together?
Well, I and Roshin have been each other’s valentines for a last 10 Years, we have been best friends from more than a decade now and he is like my little brother. When we first came to Mumbai, we had no money and we were staying in the same PG. That’s how we decided to take our chances and it has been a fabulous journey. Roshin and me fight all the time but have an interesting relationship. Roshin is one of the most talented composers that we have in the country.

‘Get Dirty’ featuring Esha Gupta gained massive success in few days, how do you feel about that?

Working on that project was really fun. While working for ‘Total Dhamaal’ Esha had this song and she approached me about the song and she really wanted to be a part of it. We all started being comfortable with each other as we completely got out of our comfort zone as we come from the same Rock Band Background, we grew up listening to heavy metal so doing something like this in a video and in Punjabi was for the first time but Kuki made us do it and everyone loved the song so we kept ourselves behind and said lets go with their judgement. It’s a hot  dance video in which Roshin and I are looking fine and not too funny . We have managed to pull it off.

When did you start composing songs for Total Dhamaal what did you keep in mind?

Best thing about Total Dhamaal is that we had to keep our mind aside and work for it, so I would say we have made all of our songs by heart and it’s a great thing that solo composers have composed the songs. It has happened because of Indra Kumar and Kuki because of the faith that they had in us. We have worked really hard on this like the songs like ‘Mungda’,’Speaker Phat Jayega’ as it came out it got fabulous response and I feel so happy about it like we almost passed an exam.

Do you think that the trend of recreating old songs of limits your creativity as music composers?

As a composer it obviously limits my creativity because every composer wants to make his own music but I have had hits in the past and now there are so many people who pretend to be so called composers and what makes us unique is whichever song we have recomposed we have kept the original and added our creation to the track. With all due respects the songs that are recreated are the same songs that were just a new voice is added to the track but it’s what we have heard already. Because the song is not being composed by the music composer it’s the producer doing the job so that is not what we would do but it is surely working, as everyone is doing it but we try to put in a lot of originality and what is our creation. The thing about recreation is some songs that being recreated were literally produced a year back so that’s ridiculous.

Tell us about your journey of producing songs for Total Dhamaal. Was it easy?

No, it was not easy. The song, ‘Paisa yeh paisa’ I did not even want to do at the initial age but than Kuki Gulati and Indu Ji convinced me to give it a shot and we did it. I’m glad that we did it because the video seems to be so good and loved by people. Before Mungda we had locked two other songs and Indu ji knows his work inside out so he told me let’s try to recreate Mungda and if it does not work, we already have the other song. Mungda happened on that same evening but other songs took months and it was fabulous. It was a big responsibility as there were many people involved who were doing great and which is why even I had to deliver up to the mark so yes it was fabulous working with the cast.

What is there in the pipeline?

There are few things in the pipeline but I cannot disclose it as the industry does not really allow it. So, you will find out about the project soon. Trade Magazine