Interview By: Drishti Pandey

One name that comes to mind when you think  of ‘Bad Man’ is Gulshan Grover who is on reinventing himself with time, with his upcoming film ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ he’s not only full of youthful energy but ever willing to change with time and heartily follows it. He plays the baddie named ‘Dhappi dada’ which will surely win the audiences heart once again with his villainous role. Read on..

“I’m very happy with the changes and I like to imbibe new and positive attributes into my own persona and my work”

How did ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ happen to you? And how different is your role and the movie?

I got a call from producer Tony D’souza talking about the film, talking about the role and offering the role to me was the beginning. And of course I heard the role and the script and I thought it was fantastic. A subject like this or a dilemma in a love story like this has never ever come on-screen.  There are other dilemma, conflicts, problems in a love story that one has seen but one has never seen or heard of a situation of which a hero and heroine are not able to express their love or not able to announce their love because the elders are calling them as behen and bhai. The very fact that the film is made by D’souza, Amul Mohan and along with all these boys what was really interesting was my, the role of Dhappi dada.

 Dhappi Dada? Tell us more about it?

Well, from a long time my friends in every interaction saying that they haven’t seen that fantastic, larger than life villain on-screen for a long time and I got the opportunity of having that kind of character which was a fascinating things for me to be in the film and I’m very happy, looking at the end result and happy to be part of ‘Behen Hogi Teri’, after the first screening I got a call from Tony D’souza saying “sir your character is a major highlight of the film”. And Amul Mohan, Anshul, and various other people who are involved in the film and seen it, said – it’s a fantastic character and it’s really shinning, even when other friends saw it they think my character is truly shining and is very good so all those who have seen the film are talking about my character Dhappi Dada and I’m very happy about the fact that whoever have seen the film are talking about my character.

Since you said you are doing a villainous role after really long time and in between you have also done positive roles so how gratifying it is for you?

The thing is that I’ve been doing some positive roles and some interesting villainous roles but the villain that has the fragrance of the larger than life that use to fill the screen up and that use to really make people sit up so that kind of villain has disappeared from the screen and this character of Dhappi dada is uniquely placed to bring some of that fragrance of that larger than life screen adversary on the screen. And I’m very happy about that and since this film has very good music and unusual romance and unusual dilemma and conflict of the romance and has this younger super performers.   

 The ‘Bad Man’ that you are known for, so do you give your inputs or have your own style while you play villainous character?

Yes I do and in this case of Dhappi dada also be the basic thought and idea was given by the director Ajay and D’souza and we all stand down together and discussed and created the look of the character Dhappi dada, where it fits into the story, that fits into where the film is located, it is located in a small town of Lucknow but where my character is not of Lucknowvi, but known as people from Haryana so it’s a Haryanvi character, ex wrestler , and now a feared dada, so worked along with the director , producer and we came up with the character and it’s look and nuances and it all jelled very well.

Being a veteran actor how was it working with Rajkumar and Shruti for the first time?

Working with Rajkumar was so much fun, firstly he is so talented and towards the participation of the director, Rajkumar and me improvised and made the scenes very believable and interesting because Rajkumar and I have many scenes together. And working with Shruti Haasan was fun because she is the daughter of one of the most wonderful actor that I admire, Kamal Haasan, with whom I had the pleasure of working with in the films like ‘Sadma’ and many others which was a very good experience. And with Sarika’s stunning looks and Kamal Haasan’s tremendous acting skills, Shruti has it all in her, in her pedigree and top of it she’s a very nice girl and very enthusiastic to do the scenes better and work well; so it was a very good experience and I also learnt a lot from these young actors.

During the shoot was there any situation that came up which made it difficult for you?  

Well, the difficulty was which I would say a positive difficulty of my popularity in that part of the world; fans were gathered in thousands and it was difficult to take me from the place to the sets because it was all real locations with lens by lens and we were shooting in big park and all around. So the love and affection that I got from my fans in Lucknow, I can’t call it difficulty though it was only when sometimes we had to request them to please move aside that we could shoot. And at times the director had to manage the shots. And of course the cold weather added to the look of the film and at nights it was extreme cold but all of us being madly film obsessed – so we didn’t care much, especially I’m  obsessed with my work  and I want to give my best to the shot I do.  So the cold didn’t really bother me but yes it was inhumanly cold at nights it was colder for the girls because they were not wearing so many layers in the film specially Shruti and all.

 Do these young actors take an aspiration from you? And what changes have you seen in the industry in these years and after working in various kinds of films and doing various kinds of characters?   

First of all I have tremendous respect for the actors of today’s generation; they are far more ready than the actors of yesterday because today the competition fierce and opportunity is only given to a limited amount of time and one have to rise within no time. So all the new actors in the film were really aspiring and people who have worked with me know that I work like a mad man on my role, scene, and look and there’s nothing that I leave it to thinking that it will happen. Therefore it was interesting to work with these actors who are far more ready and trained. And I believe they have learnt a lot from me also as well. And I was working like someone who was possessed and not being someone who has four hundred films behind him because somebody who has just started.  And I feel these are positive and good changes and I also believe that people who can’t handle changes, change is inevitable in life, in ones chosen profession, at your home and in your living surroundings. So one has to sort of involve with the changes and you can’t sit and complain about the changes. I don’t believe with that and I’m very happy with the changes and I like to imbibe new and positive attributes into my own persona and my work.

You have done many characters in your body of work any one such character that you desired for or something quirky that you’ve yet not done?

There’s so much of work that I’ve not done, there’s so much of work I’m going to do in coming future. I’m eagerly waiting and working on many interesting roles and films. Whatever I have done in the past I don’t remember them and don’t even consider that, in fact I find lot of my work was just good then but not now in my own standard of work.  

But if acknowledging the fact because of your body of work that you have done there are so many fans that look upon you but you think your work isn’t great? Why so?

I’m being truly honest, I’m being truthful that I find the work that I’ve done was good then but today I find it with whole lot of rough edges and today I’m with the world explosion with having worked around the Globe and experience of working here and having the experience continuously working with the younger generations. I have learnt so much that the work I’m doing or going to be doing is something that pleases me and my fans.   

What are your upcoming projects?

Right now I’m obsessed with ‘Behen Hogi Teri’ (Smiles).

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