Guru Randhawa has been all over the music chart and radio stations ever since his super hit “Suit Suit” was released. The Punjabi pop singer talks to us about his latest hit song “Ban Ja Meri Rani” and how he is overwhelmed with the response and love the audiences are giving him. The optimistic singer is super excited about being in Bollywood and is looking forward for his upcoming projects. Read on…

“I want to strive hard and reach a stage where I can make my audience very proud of me”

How did Bollywood music happen to you? Your starting point was ‘Suit Suit’ and “Ban Ja Meri Rani”?

From the very beginning, I was clear that it would always be music for me. God made it all work. I have devoted my heart and soul to music from the very beginning. I started writing songs since I was in school. It didn’t get any recognition then. The songs you hear now were actually written long back by me in those days. Initially, people said my songs would not catch attention but I didn’t give up. It’s all about making efforts and putting your heart into it. Till date, I have not specifically written a song for Bollywood. My singles became popular and got selected for Bollywood movies. This year has been very successful and happy one, with all my songs being well received and appreciated by my audience. The recognition I received on my songs like “Suit Suit”, “High Rated Gabru”, and “Ban Ja Meri Rani” was overwhelming. Being showcased on a wider platform, it added to my fan base and my journey as a star started from there on.

How gratifying it is to make an impact in Bollywood instantly with your very debut song “Suit Suit” and back again with “Ban Ja Meri Rani”?

It feels really awesome. “Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani” and “Suit Suit” were already hit songs, after coming in Bollywood definitely boosted the song to another level. I’m thankful to T-series for giving me this break and working with Vidya Balan Ma’am & Irrfan Sir was an inspiring experience. It has garnered lot of appreciation and love from the audience, and it gives me immense happiness. I want to strive hard and reach a stage where I can make my audience very proud of me.

Is there any strategy or method you use in your songs or you have a clear vision of what the audiences seeks now-a-days in a song? That helps you to give super successful songs?

No there is no particular strategy; it is all straight from the heart. Fortunately, all my songs have been well received by the audience. I am thankful to them. I write my songs and compose music taking inspiration from everyday lives so that the audience can easily connect with the essence of the music that is being portrayed. I try to keep my songs very easy with lyrics and catchy/young composition.

What’s your USP as a singer?

That I can write and compose by myself!

What’s your perspective on today’s trend of recreated songs? Do you they are being accepted or original songs are the key?

I think once a musician has made a song, that’s the original. Anything made or comes after that is nothing in front of the originals.

Any singer you get inspired from Bollywood industry?

I sometimes listen to SalimSuleman sir. Their music has a different vibe.

Any song which is close to your heart?

All my songs are very close to my heart. Each one of them has been curated with great love and has the same dedication from my end.

What’s next in the pipeline?

Currently, I am working on a new single. TV reality shows along with preparing for my first Punjabi movie. “Ban Ja Meri Rani” remixed video released recently. I’m totally looking forward to 2018, as there is a lot in store.

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