20 years ago, in this coming week and on the 6th of November to be precise Super Cinema was born. A film trade magazine started and envisioned by my late father Vikas Mohan. During all the years when he was with us he would constantly tell my younger brother and I that the reason that he started this magazine is that he felt that the industry needed a voice of reason, not only for people outside the industry but also for the people within this industry. We have been working on that one singular thought for all these years now that we ought to be the one voice of anything and everything the industry needs at the specific time.

20 years a long time. It is a slightly longer time in our industry I feel because every day there is something new, something fl ashier, something potent available for one and all to consume. In this unvarying moving place called the Hindi film industry to be one of the constants for 20 years, 240 months, 1042 weeks, 7300 days is an accomplishment very few could muster up. That is why we at Super Cinema feel a great sense of pride in our history!

Our industry has been changing and evolving with every passing day. 20 years ago a movie completing 100 days was a mean feat, now movies don’t even have a lifespan of more than a couple of weeks at best. Movies might’ve a smaller lifetime these days but the monies that they rake in have also been increased.

People nowadays say that movies have a major competition with all these various OTT platforms out there providing audiences with an limitless array of things to binge on but like Super Cinema the one thing that has remained constant throughout these 20 years is that audiences love and support of the movies. People pan India still love to go to their near cinema halls and enjoy movies. Movies at a cinema hall is still one of the most easily accessible form of entertainment for aam janta and that is never going to change.

Lastly, I would like to thank all our esteem patrons for your continued support and love that each and every one of you has showered us with. Your constant feedback continues to make us evolve and better ourselves here.

A good weekly, I suppose, is the industry talking to itself and we want to continue to make strides doing the same.


By – Amul Vikas Mohan

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