Shah Rukh Khan turned 52 this past week and in a career spanning over 25 year at the movies, he has given the audiences and his fans a lot to be proud about. But more importantly, he has been a force to reckon with since his first major release way back in 1992 ,DEEWANA, especially to the film trade.

Shah Rukh Khan or King Khan or SRK or anything else you would want to call him, has been a constant in the chaos which are generally the movies. For an actor to have the longevity that SRK has had you have to have the ability to keep ahead of the curve and change with the way movies are even approached from the ground level up.

SRK debuted first on the small screen way back in 1988 and didn’t get his proper Hindi movie debut up until 1992 when he was launched by Raj Kanwar in DEEWANA. Almost immediately all his major roles in the following year of his debut were the bad guys. He was one the first ones to be the new age villain which most new comers shy away from to this date especially so early on in their career. Another major thing SRK got right was his smooth transition from television to the movies. Again till date barring Sushant Singh Rajput in the last few years, no one has been able to make that transition as smoothly and efficiently like SRK did way back then!

While peaking in his anti hero image SRK changed gears once again and moved to romantic movies and till date he is known for something he did 20 years ago in Dilwale Dhulaniya Le Jayenge. He made a generation fall in love with the new age movies. And hasn’t looked back as yet.

Over the years another massive thing he has achieved is that he has been able to make a shift to a great entrepreneur as well. From producing movies to owning a major Cricket team to cracking deals, Shah Rukh Khan seems to be on the forefront of it all. After all he is known as the King Khan so it is only befitting he runs an empire, a kingdom he has built from nothing.

SRK once said, “Cinema in India is like brushing your teeth in the morning. You can’t escape it.” Well if cinema is like brushing your teeth in the morning that I’m sure that Shah Rukh Khan would be the toothpaste in the whole thing!! Trade Magazine